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Food Related
10th September 2005



i just want to ask a question regarding FISH.

Is FISH the food of Jannath?

if a person does not eat fish does it mean that he won't enter into jannath?



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22nd August 2005

Tartaric acid

is it halal?
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16th August 2005


are the following herbs allowed: oregano, basil parsley marjoram, sage thyme.

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2nd August 2005

Food, take aways, restaurants, fast food

assalamualaikum w.w

Is pizza hut doubtful? and why?
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1st August 2005

Aromatherapy oils


i have purchased tea tree oil from holland& barrettsand i have read in a aromatheraoy oils book that the chemical constituents 4 tea tree oil is 48% alcohol but, holland & b says the product is pure& contains no added ingredients the oil is distilled fr4om leaves of austrailia.

Q2: is it permissable to consume frozen prawns which contain permissable colors:e10,e120 & is warburtons sandwich sliced rollswhich have wheat flour,veg fat, salt ,sugar e471,e472e,e481,soya flour preservers:calcium4 mould growth, flour traetment agent, asbcorbic acid vit c e92o.

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1st August 2005

Garlic capsules


I have bought some garlic capsules from my local health shop but, i need to know wether they are halal or not the ingredients sre :whole bulb garlic in veggie capsules,freeze dried garlic,veggie caps:hydroxypropylmethylcellulose,anti caking agent:magnesium stearate.

is it permissable to use e45 lotionand what avon products are halal

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20th July 2005

Ferrero rocher

i heard that ferrero rocher contains pig whey, please can u elaborate on this? jazakallah
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20th July 2005

Gelatin in capsules

Dear Mufti saheb

Assalamu alikum,

My doctor has prescribed some capsules as an antibiotic treatmnet for indigestion and ulcers. While I was reading the ingredients I realised that the casules contains Gelatine, therefore I have not taken any capsule yet.

Could you please let me know whats the islamic ruling regarding this, am I allowed to take these capsules.

Jazzak Allah

Rashid Khan
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16th July 2005



Are the choclates CELEBRATIONS halal?

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15th July 2005


Are Smarties Halal?
I've heard that only some colours are. Is this true?
If so what colours?

Jazakallah 4 your time and effort.
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11th July 2005


Assalamalaykum Muftisaab. Is it sunnah to peel bananas from the bottom? Jazakallah.
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29th June 2005


Jazakallah for your answer, you mentioned

"L-cysteine is permissable if it is "suitable for vegetairans", from chicken or duck feathers. It would be impermissable if it is from human hair."

So what should one do if hee sees this ingredient, with the suitable for vegetarians sign? can he assume it is of the feathers and not human hair?
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28th June 2005

Some ingredients

asalaam walaikum,
could be please tell me about the status of the following-:

-yeast extract
-L cysteine hydrchloride - i know this particular one is listed as an e number to be avoided in the food guide but it is in many many products even simple ones. it says that it is of chicken feathers or human hair but i have seen many products with this ingredient claiming they are suitable for vegetarians, please help
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22nd June 2005

Tic Tac

are tic tacs halal in uk or not
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21st June 2005

Tic-Tac lime & orange


I just came across the fact that tic Tac - Lime & Orange are haraam...Well its my sisters wedding in a few weeks and inside some of the gifts we are giving it we have little favours which have got those tic tacs inside it... i don't have enough time to undo all the favours as there about 100 and the wedding is in a few weeks. is it still ok to use those favors. as if i throw those favours away am i not disrespecting food? As when i made these tic tacs i was not aware of the fact that they were haraam
plz let me Knw

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15th June 2005

Coca cola

I want to ask if coca cola is halal or haram as they said there is 1percent of alcohole in it
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31st May 2005


Dear mufti sahib
What is the islamic ruling with regards to malt vinegar. I spoke to one of the company in United Kingdom today and they told me that they are not giving an absolute gurantee that they malt vinegar they produce is completely free from alcohol.
With regards to "Tahira's meat and poultry product" are we allowed to use their products as they put the Halal label on their products.
Mehmood Yousuf
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16th May 2005


I have read that cheese not marked 'Vegetarian' contains pepsin as part of the process of making it. I have read that pepsin refers to a specific enzyme which - due to ease & plentiful supply - cheese manufacturers extract from pigs' stomachs.

Any truth to this?
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8th February 2005

ANSWERED: 'HMC' - food


iam pretty sure that 'hmc' is known to all by now. (a company that closely monitors shops/restaurants etc for their chicken. if according to their satisfaction, they then provide a certificate. i have heard that mufti taqi usmani is behind this). there are a few companies that sell hmc approved meat such as waris, dial a chicken and another 2 shops.
my local butchers whom i buy from, time to time, gets their meat from 'freemans'. some say that you cant trust them due to contamination of the halal & haram meat being in the same fridge or 'how is any1 to know whether haram is sent in place of halal by mistake'.

i could make my life easy & only get my meat from waris. but what of it when i go to my inlaws to eat which i do quiet frequently, or what of it when iam invited for a meal to a family members house? i cant possibily question where they get their meat from & inconvenience the host & other guest. neither is it possible to avoid eating & stick to the vegetables @ in-laws or other peoples houses.
should i go strict & stick to hmc approved meat? if so, what about my kids? how do i stop them? (they r very young)

pls advise asap

jazakallah hu khair
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5th February 2005

Chicken Spot

Salaam Mufti Saab,

Whats the score with Chicken Spot on Manor Rd. Heard they had doggy suppliers but could not confirm with other brothers.