Death - Janaazah

Death - Janaazah
9th December 2021

Recitation of Quran at parent grave

Brother Assalam-o-Alaikum,
I need your humble advice on one issue that is bothering me a lot. I googled it to find the perfect answer but still unclear and confused.
The question is
When I visit the grave of my father besides praying Dua E Maghfirat can I also recite some ayats of Quran like Suarah Yasin, Surah Mulk and others.? To my very limited knowledge I thing if only a child recite Quranic ayats on behalf of deceased parents that goes in their account as Sadaqah Jariyah. I'm debating this on behalf of hadidh by Nabi Pak Ṣallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam that when a person dies his deeds come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (a continuous charity), or knowledge from which benefit is gained, or a righteous child who prays for him’. (Muslim)
So if I make my an argument based on the third point and recite ayaths of Quran and ask ALLAH to accept it as Sadaqah Jariyah and give all credit of recitation to my father even if I do this act next to his grave? Will that be permissible?
Your clarification and guidance in this regard will be much appreciated.
Syed Rayees
Death - Janaazah
15th May 2021

Is it permissible to hindu to burn dead body

Dear Shaykh,
Assalamualykum wa Rahmatullah.

Due to covid 19, there was a case where a hindu died and there was none of the deceased family came to burn the dead body. Only one member of deceased family came but his is unable to do the job alone.

Is it permissible for Muslims to help any hindu to burn his family member.

Ma Assalam.

Atiqur Rahman
Death - Janaazah
15th October 2020

Qabar main pani a jana

mery mamu ke qabar khodi gae tou pani nkl aya or qabar khodny walon ny kisi ko b ni btaya or jb mayyat ko daffan krny ka time aya tou qabar main eentain lga kr dafan kiya gya es pr mery chooty mamu boht ghamgeen huwy es maslay ka hal bta dain.
Death - Janaazah
14th July 2013

Didn't bother about Iddah

A womans husband passed away in umrah
She didnt bother or know about iddah
What shud she do
2mnths have passed
Death - Janaazah
14th July 2013

Paternal and Maternal Uncles providing for their deceased brothers wife and kids

Do the paternal and maternal uncles have to provide for their deceased brothers wife and kids whom are not mature (Na baligh)

(Question posted as received)
Death - Janaazah
15th May 2012

Funeral prayer

if a person dies just before noon on friday; is it better to bury
him/her before friday prayers when many people can join or hurry in burying the dead;- even if there is short tome to friday prayers?
Death - Janaazah
15th May 2012

Where ruh goes

i read in many books that sahaba and awliya saw azaab(punishments in graves) in people's graves . how they saw inside the grave?
Death - Janaazah
15th May 2012

Janaza behind shafiee for absent deceased


i would like 2 knw the answer 2 this masla

if you are read9ing a normal namaz behind imaam shafii r.a followers n den after namaz imaam makes ilaan dat so and sos`s janaza namaz will be prayed after dua or whenever n i mean gaibaa janama namaz (janaza namaz for someone whos passed away in india or somewer and his namax is prayed in uk 4ex) n this person is hanafi what shall dat hanfi follower do recite janaza nama with imaam shafi follower or leave da majlis

jazakllah walikumsalam
Death - Janaazah
29th November 2011


1)wot if there is NO MAHRAM for a dead woman, who will giv the ghusl
2)wot if there no kafn or cloth available to cover atleast the private parts
3)wot if u mis 2 or 3 takbeer in janazah
Death - Janaazah
23rd September 2011

Complicated Inheritance


I would like to ask a question regarding inheritance. My parents are from Gujerat India. My mother has passed away and i thought I would ask my mothers side of the family to sort out my mothers inheritance. My Mothers side of the family were 4 brothers (all pased away) and three sisters(two passed away including my mother, with my one aunty still remaining). I went to my mum's brothers sons to ask the question on when the inheritance would be sorted out.
The brothers kids replied in the following way:
In the year 2000/01 a valuation was done regarding all the estate and everyones share was calculated, out of which the sisters share was 4.5 lakh. The sisters were then given 1 lakh with a 3.5 lakh remaining as per this evaluation. Now all that remains to be given in the present day is 3.5 lakh as per the valuation of 10 to 11 years ago. Out of the three sisterss one was living in India and two in London. The one in India was given the 1 lakh with witnesses and was told about the above (her husband and kids contest this and clearly states that the above brothers version is untrue). My mother who has now passed away was given the 1 lakh direct by her brother in India and the one sister who is alive was given her 1 lakh by a third party.

The One sister who is alive with the remaining kids of the two deceased sisters are saying:
The sister who is alive is saying she was never told about the whole valuation or even told about her share in the estate, she did recieve 1 lakh (given through a third party, STILL ALIVE) The third party told her it was for a piece of land that was sold and the sisters share of this was 1 lakh. At no point did the brothers or their kids ever tell her about a whole valuation that had happened or she was never explained about it (NO KNOWLEDGE). She also has proof from the person who put the 1 lakh in her bank account who will state that this was the sisters share of a piece of land that was sold and not the whole estate. The two sisters, who have now passed away, were alive ten years ago and also recieved 1 lakh each and were also told that this was for their share of the piece of land that was sold, not the whole estate. The two deceased sisters kids were told by their mothers at the time that this 1 lakh was her share of a piece of land that was sold. Never were they also informed that this was their mothers share of the whole estate, or agreed to it.
The brothers family have nothing in writing from the sisters that states that the valuation was recieved, read or agreed to by the sisters. All the brothers side are presenting is that they have two witness who gave the 1 lakh to the 1 sister who lived in India and she was told. Also the brothers side have produced a valuation which was done ten to eleven years ago, and was taken to a mufti at the time to work out who gets what and how much. This valuation is not dated, is not a legal document or has it been signed by anyone of the brothers or sisters to acknowledge it or agree by it.

Can you please advise as this conflict is going to hurt my mothers family which I dont want. All I would like is my mothers share as per sharia law.

1) Are the brothers families allowed to insist that the evaluation 10 years ago stands (even though they have nothing legally binding)?
2)does a new valuation need to be done and then as per the new valuation all shares should be worked out as the valuation ten years ago is too old?
3)If the old valuation should stand, then should all abide by the old shares not only the sisters? If so this will leave a surplus of money, should this money then go to charity?
Death - Janaazah
7th June 2009


Death - Janaazah
11th January 2009

Burden of others mistakes.

Dear Shykh Aas Saalam Alai Kum,
My question is if a person dies and his relatives and near ones of his cry loudly for his demise then the dead person is given azab for their mistakes doesnt this hadith contradicts with the quranic ayat that no soul will burden the other persons soul.Pls clarify.regarding sawab also.
Death - Janaazah
10th January 2009

Life after death

what happens in the life after death?
Death - Janaazah
8th November 2008

Some burial rites that have me in doubt

Respected Mufti Sahib,
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

Here in the subcontinent, even among Ulema-e-Haq, certain rituals are performed at burial time that, although if performed occasionally would be no issue whatsoever, seem to be made into necessary formalities whereas their source and degree (wajib, sunnah, mustahabb, mubah) are not clarified for the masses. As such the masses take them as necessary practices and frown upon those who do not adhere to them. This has all the hallmarks of bid'aat. I would like their status clarified and also would request ulama to educate the masses in this regard.
1) After salaatul-janaza, lining up to see the face of the deceased. If done with the correct intention, I admit this helps in softening the heart and reminding us of our own demise. But it becomes a carnival sometimes, astaghfirullah.
2) Calling out loudly "Kalima Shahadat!" and reciting it when lifting and carrying the mayyit.
3) Throwing 3 fists of dirt in the grave while reciting "Minha khalaqnakum..." from surah Taha.
4) two reciters standing on either end and reciting the beginning and end of surah al-baqarah. Dr. Abdul Hai (R) mentioned this in his Ahkaam-e-Mayyit, but please elaborate on whether this is sunnah, etc.
5) COLLECTIVELY praying for the deceased again at the grave after burial. Isn't the salaatul-janazah meant precisely for this? Also, there would seem no harm to do it occasionally, but here in Pakistan it happens without fail and is considered a must. That is my point of contention.
6) Sprinkling rose water or zamzam or otherwise "ruqiya" water over the grave.
7) Making the internal of the grave with baked bricks.

Jazakumullahu khairan
Death - Janaazah
18th September 2008


salam 3likum,

It is confirmed that the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) cursed the wailer and its audience. It is also authentically reported that the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) said:
((The deceased is punished in his grave due to the wailing over him)).

my question is why would the dead get punished for the wailing of others? if the dead person was a sincere and religous man/women would they still get punished if people wailed over there death?

jazak allahu khairan
Death - Janaazah
25th June 2008


i would like to know when a women passes away is it true her husband cannot see her or give gussal to her.and does this work the same for women if there husband passes away.
Death - Janaazah
25th April 2008


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,,,

Death - Janaazah
23rd April 2008

Reciting Quran

Please can you tell me if one is allowed to recite the Grave site of a muslim be it family or friends...I am of the opionion that it is wrong and should not be done, however my family believe otherwise... how can i clear this up in the simplist way.. are there any hadiths i acn quote to them that are relevant. Also how should ideally a grave be made up according to the Quran and Sunnah.
Death - Janaazah
20th April 2008

Non Muslim funerals

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
The other day I was discussing with a friend about funerals, and we had difference of opinions of what was allowed and what was not in reference to a non muslim funeral and burial (I mean when someone of our non muslim family dies) How far are we allowed to go?
Is it haram to go to the church service and to the burial? Can we give our condolences to someone whos lost a loved one? If insha'Allah you could deepen on this subject it will be much appreciated
Death - Janaazah
9th March 2008


Respected Mufti Saab

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh

I am a trustee for Gardens of Peace, the largest Muslim Cemetery in the UK.
Further details of the Trust and its work can be obtained from our web site

We have been in operation for since 2002 and have had many people asking and/or telling us as to what can and cannot be done regarding the graves.

Currently, we are in total control and have maintained the graves with a
mound and each grave has a simple headstone. See attached pictures.

Can you please inform us regarding the following:

1) Can we plant a shrub at the head of the grave? We wish to do this to prevent people bringing flowers and their own plants.

2) If the answer to the last is yes then should the planting be on the grave or adjacent to the grave?

3) Can we cover the grave in shingle; this would be a thin layer over the mound, but still maintain the mound? See attached picture.

The reason for covering the graves is to reduce maintenance (removal of weeds etc). This is turning out to be a very high running cost.

4) Alternate to the shingle cover over the mound would be to cover the grave in low growing ground cover plants. Would this be in accordance with Shariah?

5) Confirm our understanding that as a Trust we under no obligation to maintain the graves. It is the duty of the family members of the deceased to maintain the grave.

6) What is the exact height of the mound that we should try to achieve?

7) Does the mound look acceptable on the attached picture?

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Jazakallahu khair