Sacrifice and Aqeeqa

Sacrifice and Aqeeqa
27th June 2024

Can I name my son "Wali" or should it be "Abdul Wali"?

I am expecting the birth of my son soon and want to name him "Wali." I know "Al-Wali" is one of Allah's 99 names, and "Abdul" should be added before some (but not all) of these names when naming a person. Can I name my son "Wali" or should it be "Abdul Wali"? Is adding "Abdul" before "Wali" mandatory?
Sacrifice and Aqeeqa
5th November 2023

Baby Boys Name

Can we keep the name as "Mohammed Numair"?
Sacrifice and Aqeeqa
19th May 2023

Information regarding Baby Boy

Assalawalaikum Mufti Sab,
By Allah's Grace I am blessed with Baby Boy.
I request you to please clarify Below Questions.

1) I have heard Many Mufti saying, If Baby Girl is born, it means Allah is happy with the Couple. I am recently blessed with Baby Boy, does this means Allah is not much Happy with me and with my Prayers????

2) I am planning to name my son as MOHAMMED IZHAAN. Can you please give some information regarding name IZHAAN (Meaning). According to Islam is this a good name? If the name is not Good, can you please name some Unique Baby Boy Names????

3) I am planning to Sacrifice 2 goats for my brother valima (Which is in May 2024), as Hakikha of my Son. is this permissible in islam ????

Thanks for understanding, I am hoping for a quick reply from your Side.