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Halal Charity Raffle Inquiry

Last updated: 7th June 2023
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As salamalikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, I recently came across an online charity raffle that caught my attention, and I wanted to seek your guidance regarding its permissibility in Islam. The raffle allows participants to enter for free, but it encourages voluntary donations towards the designated charity. It's worth mentioning that there is no specific amount mentioned, so in theory, one could participate without contributing any money. The proceeds from the raffle are intended to benefit the charity. Given these circumstances, I have two questions that I would greatly appreciate your insight on: Is it considered halal (permissible) for a Muslim to participate in such a charity raffle where a voluntary donation is encouraged but not mandatory? Does the absence of a required donation make a difference in its permissibility? If someone were to win a prize in this charity raffle, would the winning prize be considered halal (permissible) for them to keep and utilize? Jazak Allah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

This is similar to gambling. Any prize won should be given to charity without any hope of reward. If you buy the ticket and not wanting the prize will be cooperating in the sin.

This initiative is not proper and should be avoided.

And Allah knows best

24 Dhul Qa’dah 1444/ 13 June 2023

Answer last updated on:
21st June 2023
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London