Halal and Haram

Halal and Haram
19th June 2022

IT service based company providing technical assistance to bank

Assalamualaikum. I'm working in a service based IT company where we provide IT services to clients. Currently our client is a bank and I'm providing technical support to a bank. Is it permissible to do so or is it haram?
Halal and Haram
10th June 2022

Working in a job that buys insurance for the goods that are exported

I want to work in a export company that is selling halal products , but the company is purchasing insurance for the goods that are exported and every time the goods are exported the company buys insurance for the goods,
Is it permissible for me to work in that company , will my job and and income will be halal
Halal and Haram
23rd March 2022

Shab e barat

have a queshtion my family celebrates shab e barat I know it's a innovation so for that day I stayed in my room and didn't eat the food I was wondering since it's the next day and the event is over can I eat the food now or not. Because I know the event is over. Also there's probably only going to be this food for the next few days
Halal and Haram
2nd March 2022

Diamond ring for men

I want to know if it is permissible for men to wear diamond wedding ring. Also palladium metal.
Halal and Haram
17th December 2021

Company Bank Loan

Dear Mentor,
I am a CEO of a company and my company needs continuous financing in order to grow. My company's finance team has shared that we need a bank loan for a certain project. My question is if my company borrows a loan with a certain interest rate then will it have any effect on my personal life as an indvidual considering loan is haram? because its the company who is borrowing a loan not me and it will not be used for my life but for business purpose?
Halal and Haram
5th December 2021

Jinn related

Assalamu alikum today people who do work by removing jinns etc, they do something called "tying of ones house". I would like to know about it and if it is permissible according to the four imams please. Jazakallah kair
Halal and Haram
4th December 2021

Use of Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning

Assalaamu'alaykum ww

Is the use of rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes permissible, ie to disinfect surfaces around the home, to remove stains and general cleaning around the home?

JazakAllahu khairan
Halal and Haram
5th September 2021

Eyebrow piercing, bellybutton piercing for women

is eyebrow piercing or bellybutton piercing for women in islam is halal?
Halal and Haram
30th August 2021

Is boxing Haram? If yes, Is selling boxing related equipment( boxing gloves) haram too?

Is boxing Haram? If yes, Is watching Boxing Haram too? If yes, Is selling boxing related equipment such as boxing gloves and focus pads haram too?
Halal and Haram
29th August 2021

Assalam O Alaikum

Assalam O Alaikum sir, kindly tell that is it legal to give profit of my saving account to neend people without being use by myself
Halal and Haram
11th August 2021

Is soft tune music in video advertisments of selling products allowed?

Is soft tune music in video advertisments of selling products allowed? Music which has no obscene langauge, or nudity, no violence or sexual behaviour, Rather just soft tone played by instruments to act as background music in the advertisment of a product
Halal and Haram
5th August 2021

About halal/haram money

I used to listen to music while painting. Is it halal if I sell those paintings made while listening to music? Can I atleast post them on social media?
Halal and Haram
4th November 2019

Is it legal to use simple music without voice in video background?

assalam u alaikum my question is i am a youtuber and making programming language tutorial videos so is it halal or haram to use simple music(without voice) in video background
Halal and Haram
24th October 2006

Cartoon characters

jazakallah for answering my previous question.

Just for further clarification that means that Islamic children's books which have pictures of humans and animals are therefore not permissable to draw and publish.

What about a book shop selling islamic books with pictures in them to Muslim children, is this allowed.

Also, is it permissable to buy islamic childrens books with pictures in them.