Halal and Haram

Halal and Haram
17th September 2023

Working in Retail

As-Salamu alaykum Sheikh, I was wondering if it is permissable to work in supermarkes such as Asda, Tesco etc due to the fact that they sell some haram products such as Alcohol. Would the income earned from working in these places be halal or haram?
Halal and Haram
23rd June 2023

Investing in e HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund

Assalamu alaikum Mufti, I was planning for investment, one agent from Singapore recommended this plan HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund. He told me I need to invest 300 sgd (for 15 years) or 500 sgd (for 10 years). He told this programme is completely shariah compliance. I have attached the document provided him.

If this is not halal, kindly please suggest better alternatives other than keeping the money in bank.

Halal and Haram
21st June 2023

Halal Charity Raffle Inquiry

As salamalikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,

I recently came across an online charity raffle that caught my attention, and I wanted to seek your guidance regarding its permissibility in Islam.

The raffle allows participants to enter for free, but it encourages voluntary donations towards the designated charity. It's worth mentioning that there is no specific amount mentioned, so in theory, one could participate without contributing any money. The proceeds from the raffle are intended to benefit the charity.

Given these circumstances, I have two questions that I would greatly appreciate your insight on:

Is it considered halal (permissible) for a Muslim to participate in such a charity raffle where a voluntary donation is encouraged but not mandatory? Does the absence of a required donation make a difference in its permissibility?

If someone were to win a prize in this charity raffle, would the winning prize be considered halal (permissible) for them to keep and utilize?

Jazak Allah
Halal and Haram
20th June 2023

Property sale proceed

As salaamu alaykum, my father in law owned some shops and a receiver appointed because he wasn’t paying the mortgage. My husband consulted with the receivers and bought the property. He had 20% gifted equity from father in law. Since my husbands ownership of 11 years my father in law has taken the rental income. My father in law sometimes didn’t pay the mortgage on the shops so my husband had to make up the shortfall and borrow money.

My husband is now selling the shops and my father in law is saying he is entitled to the full sale proceeds. My husband hasn’t paid income tax and needs to sort this out and pay capital gains tax too. The remaining funds who is entitled to that? I think father in law should get equivalent to 20% gifted deposit of original purchase price deducting the rent he’s taken last 11 years. We do not want to be held accountable by taking someone’s right so please guide us who is entitled to the net sale proceeds.

Halal and Haram
7th May 2023

Is My income haram?

I am in a difficult situation. I have been working a work from home job. However, I have not been doing the job properly intentionally. For some instances I have been doing as I should and for some I have not. I regret this. I am worried that my income this whole time is haram. My supervisers have warned me for this now. I have been saving a lot of my income and have bought materials to start building a house. Some of my income I also give to my family and pay bills. Im not sure what to do. I cannot calculate how much of the job I did properly and how much I did not. Is my income up to this point haram as well as the things I bought like building a house and giving money to my family?

Thank you for your time
Halal and Haram
28th April 2023

Can i bring my friends to act as a chaperone instead of my family members to get to know a person i

If i am looking for a future spouse and i get to know this woman through social media.
Can i set up a meetup with her where her friends will act as a chaperone instead of her family and there is no lust or corruption in our intentions/mind. Only to get to know the person to make it halal.

Will this be permissible in Islam?
Halal and Haram
16th March 2023

The four Islamic Schools rulings

I was raised as Hanafi. It is my understanding that shaving your beard is haraam. However, in the Shafi school, it is okay to shave your beard for any reason, but it is better to keep it. Hence, it is not haraam to shave beard.

I was under the impression that to be Halal or Haraam, the four schools need to be in agreement on that matter. And that the differences in the four schools are of small matters.

So for example, Hanafi could say it is Makruh to shave beard, while Shafi say it is fine.

Can one school claim something is Haraam while another school says it is okay? Yet as Muslims we accept the rulings of all four schools.

Halal and Haram
10th March 2023

Nowruz and family

Asalamu alaykom wa rahmatulla wa barakatu,

I am a woman of Iranian descent and I have been married for six months now. Every week on the same day we visit my parents and have dinner together. Soon it will be Nowruz where my parents celebrate the start of spring. This day falls on our weekly day with my parents. My husband stated that he does not want to visit my parents that day because of Nowruz. I am torn by this and feel lost. For the love of my parents I would never want them to miss their daughter and son-in-law, who they see as their own, but my husband is stubborn on this matter. Being there on that day does not imply that my husband and I are celebrating too, but rather that we are there for our weekly visit and are there out of respect for my parents, even if it wasn’t the same day as our visits. Our intention is to be there with my parents as their loved ones, and obviously who are my loved ones as well, and not to celebrate the festivities. How is your view on this? I know that it would break their hearts if we would be absent.
Halal and Haram
22nd February 2023

Guidance for a job

My question is, I have been offered a job in a company which works with credit unions. Credit unions provide interest-based loans.

The concerned company doesn't manage any of the finance of these credit unions rather they teach their members about loans to improve chances in loan approval next time.

My job will be to send emails to the ones whose loan have been declined. None other than this is required of me.

Will it be permissible for me to work in this regard. I need some guidance as the job market is quite a crisis. I am constantly looking for another job, where there is no doubt. I am constantly looking for another job where there is no doubt. Please guide.
Halal and Haram
29th December 2022

I work for a financial regulator. Is my income halal?


I am currently working at the Financial Conduct Authority which is a regulator of the UK financial services sector. They are financed by the companies they regulate which include a wide range of banks, insurance companies and normal businesses like car dealers or dentists. My role here is that I deal with queries from the firms we regulate. I mainly deal with queries relating to the reports that the firms have to submit to the FCA. I would like to know whether my income is halal?
Halal and Haram
26th December 2022


So there's someone who for example is making £500 (or £1000,£2000 and etc) that I would send to a said bank account by them into £5000
the bank account that I would send the £500 to would be a dormant account and they would send money back into my bank as £5000
After receiving the £5000 they would take a cut for example £2000 and the rest would be for me to keep
Is this permissable in Islam
Halal and Haram
22nd November 2022

Can I go to a basketball club in the west?

Long story short, I did boxing, left it because I found out it’s haram, took me some time but I decided I should pick Allah over my desires. Anyways my 2 brothers play Basketball so I gave it a shot and liked it way better, and started playing it way more and planned on going to a club, I finally got my membership at a local club, but I recently came across a video on my recommendation from Skeik Assim al-Hakeem about going to a mixed (male and female) Gym, he said it’s prohibited. I then asked my little brother that goes to the Basketball club weather they teach Males and Females together, he said yes. So before cancelling my membership I want to make sure if it’s allowed if I lower my gaze and don’t interact with the females, would appreciate an answer.

Jazakallahu Khairan.
Halal and Haram
23rd October 2022

Is taxi business halal or haram?

My question is, can I open a taxi business in the west knowing that I would also be providing services to customers going into haram places? I am confused as some sheikhs allow it by saying it is their choice and nothing to do with us. Jazakallah
Halal and Haram
17th October 2022

Renter insurance

As Salam walikum,
I am in tough situation, I rent a apt. It’s in flood zone, in USA. I signed the contract/lease for one year and paid them $2700.00. One of the condition on the lease is to buy renter insurance. Out of my ignorance I didn’t realize renter insurance was haram, I thought it was like car insurance. I didn’t move to the house yet but since I signed the lease, if I cancel it then they will take my $2700 and charge me rent till they find someone else to rent the apt. If I don’t pay rent then I can be fined by court or sue by landlord. In this case can I buy renter insurance this one time for one year and as soon as lease is over I will move out of the house.

Thank you
As Salam walikum
Halal and Haram
28th September 2022

Copying portfolio projects from internet in software field

I am working in software development field. To get my job I had to create a portfolio where I show my skills by making different projects. A lot of videos are on youtube where people show such projects. If I copy those videos to make projects will my income be haram. What if I take the idea of project from youtube and develop it myself also taking help from youtube by following the video where project is being created what will be ruling in this case. Although I have learned the things required to develop the projects. People making the videos know that projects can be copied and the company will be paying me for the job I am doing there. They also have an interview to question skills etc.
Halal and Haram
23rd August 2022

Perspectives on Shaykh Jad al-Haq Ali Jad al-Haq's Fatwa on Music?

As-Salamu Alaikum,

I have come across a fatwa on music from Shaykh Jad al-Haq Ali Jad al-Haq, a previous Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar.

He makes a case that music is not inherently haram in the Shariah as long as it is not used for a haram purpose, or in a haram environment.

A translation can be found archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220309075612/https://islamictextinstitute.co.za/music-azhar-fatwa/

What are the perspectives on his fatwa in the world of Muslim scholarship? I've looked online for responses but I can't find any.

Thank you!

Najee Ali
Halal and Haram
8th October 2022

Jobs is halal or haram

Is software testing halal? If software testing is halal, what software is haram to test? and which are halal to test?
Which companies or indsutries are haram to work in? and which are halal?

Halal and Haram
7th October 2022

Is my job halal or haram

I am a medical biller working for nursing home. I send claims out to insurance based on service provided to residents and how long they stayed in the facility. And post payments from insurance companies. Just like every medical institution we also deal with patients with commercial insurance. I heard from Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem in YouTube that medical billing is halal as I am getting paid from doctor not insurance company. One thing I came across is there is state law in USA calls “Prompt pay Laws”. As per that law if the insurance doesn’t process claims within set dates then they are required to pay interest to the provider/facility/hospital. What I understood was this is like a late fee for not processing claim within contract date. Please let me know if my job is halal or haram and if I should quit the job. Thank you.
Halal and Haram
17th September 2022

Car on lease or on financing?


I am Abdul Haseeb Shoaib and I live in Canada. I am planning to get a new car and thus I am interested in knowing if is it Halal or not.

Firstly there is an option of financing a car but when I tell the dealer that I am a Muslim and I don't want to take it on the interest he said that it won't be possible but what we can do is we can calculate all the interest payment and you pay a downpayment for that. Then there would be only car installments without interest left. Eventually, I am paying so is it Halal or not?

Secondly, one dealer told me that he is also a Muslim and the Islamic way is to lease a car though it has interest included in it it is the Islamic way as we are renting a car. So I would like to ask is it right is any of these are Halal or both are Halal or there is only Halal cash option?
Halal and Haram
24th August 2022

Adopted daughter

Relationship between adopted daughter.

Single man adopted daughter at 10 years old. Daughter is now 18 years old. Adopted father visits home of adopted daughter alone. Adopted daughter lives with birth mother younger brother also.

Adopted father paid for home and pays for all costs for the home.

Adopted father takes adopted daughter out for picnics and shopping along with adopted mother and sibling and sometimes go out just as father and daughter.

Adopted father feeds daughter food and daughter oils fathers beard and hair and sleeps on fathers chest.

Is this acceptable?