Halal and Haram

Halal and Haram
29th December 2022

I work for a financial regulator. Is my income halal?


I am currently working at the Financial Conduct Authority which is a regulator of the UK financial services sector. They are financed by the companies they regulate which include a wide range of banks, insurance companies and normal businesses like car dealers or dentists. My role here is that I deal with queries from the firms we regulate. I mainly deal with queries relating to the reports that the firms have to submit to the FCA. I would like to know whether my income is halal?
Halal and Haram
26th December 2022


So there's someone who for example is making £500 (or £1000,£2000 and etc) that I would send to a said bank account by them into £5000
the bank account that I would send the £500 to would be a dormant account and they would send money back into my bank as £5000
After receiving the £5000 they would take a cut for example £2000 and the rest would be for me to keep
Is this permissable in Islam
Halal and Haram
22nd November 2022

Can I go to a basketball club in the west?

Long story short, I did boxing, left it because I found out it’s haram, took me some time but I decided I should pick Allah over my desires. Anyways my 2 brothers play Basketball so I gave it a shot and liked it way better, and started playing it way more and planned on going to a club, I finally got my membership at a local club, but I recently came across a video on my recommendation from Skeik Assim al-Hakeem about going to a mixed (male and female) Gym, he said it’s prohibited. I then asked my little brother that goes to the Basketball club weather they teach Males and Females together, he said yes. So before cancelling my membership I want to make sure if it’s allowed if I lower my gaze and don’t interact with the females, would appreciate an answer.

Jazakallahu Khairan.
Halal and Haram
23rd October 2022

Is taxi business halal or haram?

My question is, can I open a taxi business in the west knowing that I would also be providing services to customers going into haram places? I am confused as some sheikhs allow it by saying it is their choice and nothing to do with us. Jazakallah
Halal and Haram
17th October 2022

Renter insurance

As Salam walikum,
I am in tough situation, I rent a apt. It’s in flood zone, in USA. I signed the contract/lease for one year and paid them $2700.00. One of the condition on the lease is to buy renter insurance. Out of my ignorance I didn’t realize renter insurance was haram, I thought it was like car insurance. I didn’t move to the house yet but since I signed the lease, if I cancel it then they will take my $2700 and charge me rent till they find someone else to rent the apt. If I don’t pay rent then I can be fined by court or sue by landlord. In this case can I buy renter insurance this one time for one year and as soon as lease is over I will move out of the house.

Thank you
As Salam walikum
Halal and Haram
28th September 2022

Copying portfolio projects from internet in software field

I am working in software development field. To get my job I had to create a portfolio where I show my skills by making different projects. A lot of videos are on youtube where people show such projects. If I copy those videos to make projects will my income be haram. What if I take the idea of project from youtube and develop it myself also taking help from youtube by following the video where project is being created what will be ruling in this case. Although I have learned the things required to develop the projects. People making the videos know that projects can be copied and the company will be paying me for the job I am doing there. They also have an interview to question skills etc.
Halal and Haram
23rd August 2022

Perspectives on Shaykh Jad al-Haq Ali Jad al-Haq's Fatwa on Music?

As-Salamu Alaikum,

I have come across a fatwa on music from Shaykh Jad al-Haq Ali Jad al-Haq, a previous Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar.

He makes a case that music is not inherently haram in the Shariah as long as it is not used for a haram purpose, or in a haram environment.

A translation can be found archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220309075612/https://islamictextinstitute.co.za/music-azhar-fatwa/

What are the perspectives on his fatwa in the world of Muslim scholarship? I've looked online for responses but I can't find any.

Thank you!

Najee Ali
Halal and Haram
8th October 2022

Jobs is halal or haram

Is software testing halal? If software testing is halal, what software is haram to test? and which are halal to test?
Which companies or indsutries are haram to work in? and which are halal?

Halal and Haram
7th October 2022

Is my job halal or haram

I am a medical biller working for nursing home. I send claims out to insurance based on service provided to residents and how long they stayed in the facility. And post payments from insurance companies. Just like every medical institution we also deal with patients with commercial insurance. I heard from Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem in YouTube that medical billing is halal as I am getting paid from doctor not insurance company. One thing I came across is there is state law in USA calls “Prompt pay Laws”. As per that law if the insurance doesn’t process claims within set dates then they are required to pay interest to the provider/facility/hospital. What I understood was this is like a late fee for not processing claim within contract date. Please let me know if my job is halal or haram and if I should quit the job. Thank you.
Halal and Haram
17th September 2022

Car on lease or on financing?


I am Abdul Haseeb Shoaib and I live in Canada. I am planning to get a new car and thus I am interested in knowing if is it Halal or not.

Firstly there is an option of financing a car but when I tell the dealer that I am a Muslim and I don't want to take it on the interest he said that it won't be possible but what we can do is we can calculate all the interest payment and you pay a downpayment for that. Then there would be only car installments without interest left. Eventually, I am paying so is it Halal or not?

Secondly, one dealer told me that he is also a Muslim and the Islamic way is to lease a car though it has interest included in it it is the Islamic way as we are renting a car. So I would like to ask is it right is any of these are Halal or both are Halal or there is only Halal cash option?
Halal and Haram
24th August 2022

Adopted daughter

Relationship between adopted daughter.

Single man adopted daughter at 10 years old. Daughter is now 18 years old. Adopted father visits home of adopted daughter alone. Adopted daughter lives with birth mother younger brother also.

Adopted father paid for home and pays for all costs for the home.

Adopted father takes adopted daughter out for picnics and shopping along with adopted mother and sibling and sometimes go out just as father and daughter.

Adopted father feeds daughter food and daughter oils fathers beard and hair and sleeps on fathers chest.

Is this acceptable?
Halal and Haram
4th September 2022


Asalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

What are the effects of masturbation on health?

Does masturbation weaken the bladder?

Does masturbation leave you not being able to last long in the bedroom?
Halal and Haram
23rd July 2022

Regarding insurance amount

I had an accident with my car while delivering packages and i was insured by company which i work with and they said me to repair car and send invoice so that they can pay me and repair amount was $1100 but I asked mechanic to make an invoice of $1600.
I received the amount of $1600 from company and I wanted to know that the extra $500 is haram for me or can i take that amount because my financial condition is not good and i need to pay lot of loan to other people and i am in very much need of money but I want to satisfy allah and make allah happy
Please give me solution
Halal and Haram
31st July 2022

Is my job halal

is my job permissible working at an investment bank

my job role is:

Maintenance of Xplan including the following:
o Ensuring that all client workflows and tasks are carried out and completed in line with company policy.
o Ensure client data is up to date.
o Submit new business to centralised Financial Planning Administration, including provider and product.
o Inputting fees.
Working with support teams in Liverpool for queries relating to Investment Management clients
Using Pulse to maintain client data
Develop and maintain effective relationships with clients, colleagues and 3rd parties.
Ensure all client packs and paperwork are prepared ahead of client meetings, including requesting valuations.
Request specific policy information from product providers, 3rd parties via email and telephone.
Halal and Haram
8th July 2022

Diagnostic commission to the referral

Diagnostic centers give a pre-fixed percentage to doctors against each test/investigation if the doctor suggest/send patient to the center for testing. And if the center doesn't provide the percentage it doesn't take less form patient. Is it halal to give such percentage? If it's haram, is it halal to do job in such institute?
Halal and Haram
4th July 2022

Business loan on interest


I am in a very dire situation and have postponed this thought until now. I want to start a business and am eligible to take a loan from the bank at some interest. I know Riba is totally forbidden. If I take this loan, start my business and make profit, can I pay the interest amount as sadaqah from my halal profit income? I also plan to pay off this loan as quickly as possible to not drag out the interest, probably 3-6 months In sha Allah. If the answer is yes, please guide me on how I can pay the sadaqah to compensate for Riba.
Halal and Haram
6th July 2022


Aslam-o-Alikum I have one question I'm an SEO specialist and I am working with many advertisement companies In my database one company is asking me to publish betting articles. it will be haram or not please tell me If it is halal then ok if not then please inform me.
Halal and Haram
19th June 2022

IT service based company providing technical assistance to bank

Assalamualaikum. I'm working in a service based IT company where we provide IT services to clients. Currently our client is a bank and I'm providing technical support to a bank. Is it permissible to do so or is it haram?
Halal and Haram
10th June 2022

Working in a job that buys insurance for the goods that are exported

I want to work in a export company that is selling halal products , but the company is purchasing insurance for the goods that are exported and every time the goods are exported the company buys insurance for the goods,
Is it permissible for me to work in that company , will my job and and income will be halal
Halal and Haram
23rd March 2022

Shab e barat

have a queshtion my family celebrates shab e barat I know it's a innovation so for that day I stayed in my room and didn't eat the food I was wondering since it's the next day and the event is over can I eat the food now or not. Because I know the event is over. Also there's probably only going to be this food for the next few days