New to Islam? Death after Conversion

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Conversion Stories
A Sikh Enters Islam

A Muslim scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Farraj, continuously invited an Indian Sikh (who used to live in Saudi Arabia) to Islam. He (the Sikh) neither refused nor accepted the idea because of his family.

Then one day Allah opened his heart to Islam, he came to the sheikh in his mosque to embrace Islam. The sheikh was busy with his students and some Du'ah (Muslim missionaries who invite people to the worship of Allah).

Sheikh Muhammad did not know that the man wanted to enter Islam so he did not give him any attention and he left the mosque with his students.

The man, who wanted to enter Allah's religion, remained standing at the door of the mosque watching the sheikh and his students driving their cars and moving away. On that sight he could not prevent himself from crying and burst into tears. While he was standing weeping at the door of the mosque, a young man who lived in the same quarter passed by him.

He asked him about the reason of his crying and the Indian replied that he wanted to be a Muslim.

The young man (May Allah reward him the best) took him to his house. He made him perform ablution (wudoo) and say the two testimonies (None deserves to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger). The Indian left after he said the testimony and it was about the dusk prayer (Al-Maghrib). Then he went to his room and suffered from a severe stomachache.

The young man came to sheikh Muhammad and told him the whole story. The sheikh regreted what he had done though he was ignorant of the matter. He went to the Indian's room, but his colleagues told him that he had died last night and he was then in the morgue of the Central Hospital. The sheikh went with some Du'ah to the hospital to receive his corpse, but the hospital refused stating that the embassy had sent to his family in India and they would receive his corpse to be burnt there. The sheikh objected saying that the man became a Muslim and there were witnesses to that, but still the hospital refused.

Sheik Muhammad went to Sheikh Abd Al-Aziz Bin Baz (May Allah have mercy upon him) and told him the whole story. Sheikh Abd Al-Aziz said that the Indian should not be given to his family as he became their brother in Islam; they should pray on his corpse and bury him there. He should not be given to the unbelievers. Sheik Abd Al-Aziz sent a copy of the subject to the emirate and requested an order to give the corpse to sheikh Muhammad Farraj.

The emirate ordered the hospital to give the corpse to Sheikh Muhammad and he received it. Some Du'ah washed the man and put him in his coffin. The funeral prayer coincided with Al-Jumu'ah (the Friday congregational prayer). Sheikh Muhammad gave a wonderful oration on the one who embraced Islam then died without making one prostration to Allah. He stated in the first oration some similar examples from history, then he stated in the second one the story of the Indian man upon whom they would pray after Al-Jumu'ah. The Muslims prayed upon him, then they carried him upon their shoulders and they all went to the graveyard led by many Du'ah and scholars.

It was a moving scene, May Allah accept him and have mercy upon him.