New to Islam? 7. Belief in the Life After Death

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The 7 Pillars of Faith
1. After the day of Qiyamat when everything will be destroyed, Hazrat ISRAFEEL (Alayhis salaam) will be ordered to blow the trumpet (soor) for the second time.

2. Once again every person that lived on this earth from the time of Hazrat AADAM (Alayhis Salaam) up to the final day would be given new life.

3. They will all gather before Allah Ta'ala for judgment in the MAIDAAN-E-HASHR (Field of Resurrection).

4. They would have to give an account of their deeds.

5. The day on which this will be done is called :-

YAUM-UL-HASHR : Day of Resurrection
YAUM-UL-JAZA and YAUMU DEEN : Day of Judgment
YAUM-UL-HISAAB : Day of Reckoning (Account).

6. The good would be blessed and rewarded with JANNAT (PARADISE)

7. The evil ones would be punished in JAHANNAM (Hell)

8. Besides the Kufaar and Mushrikeen Allah Ta'aala will forgive whomsoever He wishes.

KUFFAAR- Plural of KAAFIR meaning one who disbelieves in Allah.
MUSHRIKEEN- Plural of MUSHRIK meaning one who associates with Allah Ta'aala any partner in His being or attributes.