New to Islam? 4. Belief in the Messengers Of Allah

ummi taalib
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The 7 Pillars of Faith
1. Allah sent many messengers to this world from time to time to guide mankind.

2. These messengers were known as RASOOLS and NABIS.

3. The FIRST of these messengers was HAZRAT AADAM (Alayhis-Salaam) (Peace be upon him) whilst the LAST was HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam.

4. We do not know the names of all the NABIS that came into the world.

5. There were about 124 000 Nabis.

6. All the NABIS and RASOOLS were human beings whom Allah chose to convey his message to the people.

7. They always spoke the truth, committed no sins and conveyed the message without adding or leaving out anything.

8. They performed miracles with the help of Allah Ta'ala.

9. All the RASOOLS were NABIS but not all NABIS were RASOOLS.

10. A RASOOL is a Prophet who received a new SHARIAT (Divine Law) and Book from Allah. A NABI follows the SHARIAT of a RASOOL or a Prophet before him.

11. No person can become a NABI or a RASOOL by his own effort.

12. No more Prophets will come after our NABI MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA . He was the final Prophet of Allah.

13. In the HOLY QURAN Allah Ta'ala mentioned our NABI MUHAMMAD
MUSTAFA as KHAATAMUN NABIYEEN which means that he is the LAST of all the NABIS.

14. The name of some other NABIS and RASOOLS mentioned in the QURAAN are Hazrat EBRAHIM, ISMAIL, YAHYA, ZAKARIA, YUNUS, IDRIS, YACOOB and SULEMAN (Alay-Himus-Salaam).

15. Our NABI MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA was of the highest position amongst all the Prophets.

16. All the Prophets of Allah preached the oneness of Allah Ta'ala.