New to Islam? My Reversion to Islaam: Why I Like Being a Muslim

Naadirah Abdur R
Conversion Stories
I am a Muslim and accepted Islaam as a complete way of life, two years ago. I knew within myself that I wanted to change, to move away from being caught up in the world. I was searching for the truth. Fortunately I was able to be shown Islaam. In Islaam I was able to get information and answers to many questions and problems which I had, and this made a difference.

Personally, I like being a Muslim because of the basic but strict and helpful guidelines which are set down by Almighty Allah through His Prophets to ensure that we lead a clean and God-fearing life. We as Muslims follow guidance and commands which make our lives so simple that we know without questioning what is right and what is wrong. We look upon everything with the eyes of a believer, knowing full well that we would be rewarded for our good deeds and punished for our bad deeds, whether another human being sees us or not.

Before I became a Muslim, I knew I was doing wrong but in having no one to really correct or show me the right path, I continued in error. Now, having guidance and knowledge, I know I am pleasing my Lord, both by doing good and equally by staying away from bad deeds. If I continue in this path, I know I will be ensured a prosperous life in the Hereafter, which is another beneficial point Islaam has taught me. Mter death there shall be life, where our every wish shall be fulfilled, so long as we strive and obey Allah's commands in this life.

I also like the standards set down in Islaamic societies which encourage marriage and family life. This is good because it is a practice we are not seeing much of these days. Brothers may be having relationships with their own sisters because of the many broken homes and affairs of their parents. I also like being a Muslim because of the unique code of dressing, which is also set down by Almighty Allah for us to follow. This mode of dressing sets a lot of moral standards in this world where morality is greatly lacking.

Dressing in an Islaamic way gains you a few remarks but a great deal of respect. It also benefits you because you are not caught up with the constant fashion changes, which in their own way bring about a lot of social problems. Young men and women today find themselves caught up in bad happenings just to keep up with the trends and fashions. Dressing Islaamically also allows me to be easily recognised wherever I go. It allowsMuslims to know one another and greet each other with the greetings of "Assalaamu 'alaykum" or "Peace".

Being a Muslim is a great discipline, as you will want to be on your best behaviour and guard at all times to respect your Lord, religion and foremost, what all society can see, your clothes, which gives you your identity.

Since becoming a Muslim, I have married and have a beautiful son who, Insha'allah (God-willing) will be prosperous, not only from being part of a family, but because of the love he will be given by the whole Muslim community which is one big and loving family.

Alhamdulillah. All Praise is due to Allah. I am a Muslim.

Source: Riyadul Jannah Volume 3 No.2 (October 1994).