New to Islam? The Straight Path

Isa Khowane
Non Muslims

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It has been my intention for quite sometime to write a small booklet on the basics of Islam. This has come about as a result of many questions that I have received from my non-Muslim friends, relatives and colleagues over the years that I have been a Muslim.

As a "convert" to Islam they wanted to know why I became a Muslim and what I have understood from Islam.

This forms part of the answers that I have given them and this is my understanding of Islam.

Islam is vast. It cannot be explained in such a small booklet but there is also a problem with "big books" in that they tend to become too technical and, sometimes, complicated. A person who just wants a few basic answers does not have time to wade through such books.

It is my hope and prayer that this booklet will answer their questions and that, God willing, a second booklet, dealing with certain Islamic practices, will follow this one.

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