New to Islam? Angels

The 7 Pillars of Faith
Do Muslims belive in Angels?

Muslims believe that Allah Ta'ala created Angels. So the answer is: yes, Muslims do belive in angels.

When Were Angels Created and Out of What?

Angels were craeted long before man. Muslims belive that Allah (God), created Angels out of light.

What do Angels Do?

Angels carry out the tasks ordered by God. Since Angels do NOT have Free Will, unlike humans, they do only that which God has ordered them to. hence, they belive in God and only do good. They never go agains the commands of Allah and when ordered to do something, do it.

Are Angels Higher in Rank Than Man?

Many people think that Angels are higher than man becasue they never disobey Allah Ta'ala. The thing is, when there is a sinning slave who does not repent, then of course the angel will be of higher rank. However, that slave who worships Allah and carries out the orders of Allah may attain a higher rank than the Angels by his good deeds. Why? Because man has free will, hence he can do good and bad BUT if he controls himself and stays away from bad then this takes him a level higher, as he has controlled himself.

How Many Angles Are There?

We do not know the amount of angels Allah created, but one thing we do know is that there are a huge amount of angels.

Well Known Angels