New to Islam? Perform Salah Correctly!

Mufti Taqi Usman
The 5 Pillars of Islam

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  The second Sajdah and rising from it:

1. Go on to do your second Sajdah in the same manner by first placing both hands on the floor, then the nose-tip, then the forehead.

2. The complete from of Sajdah should be the same as mentioned in connection with the first Sajdah.

3. When rising from Sajdah, first raise the forehead off the floor, then the nose-tip, then the hands, and then the knees.

4. While rising, it is better not to learn for support off the floor, however, should it be difficult to get up from the floor because of body-weight, sickness or old age, making use of the floor for support is also permissible.

5. After you have risen back to your standing position, recite "Bismillah" before Surah al-Fatihah in the begining of each raka'ah.

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