New to Islam? WHY THE HIJAB?

Umme Sumayyah
New to Islam?


Sisters, who choose to cover themselves, are frequently misunderstood, and those who do not have the understanding behind covering state that these woman cover under force, duress and are suffering oppression under the laws of Islam. A misconception that Muslim women are living under some cruel and merciless female slavery can only be corrected through acquiring and spreading knowledge of our righteous religion. Islam teaches peace, tolerance, love, justice, equality and harmony between the genders. We are equally loved immensely by Allah سبحانه وتعالى with no discrimination in gender with parallel equality. If one was to question why any woman would choose to conceal her beauty from the eyes of the non-maharam, it would become known, that such women, have chosen to do so through their own free will. Just as no person loves and practises Islam against there own free will and power, it is the same with covering, no woman is targeted and placed under pressure or forcefully made to cover herself against her wishes, but only chooses to do so out of sheer love and devotion for her righteous religion and love for her Beloved Creator.

Alhamdulillah, it is astonishing to see the daily increase in the number of women choosing to correctly conceal their beauty. Who is placing in the hearts and minds of such women to cover themselves? this overwhelming feeling of devotion a woman feels to take on this small sacrifice for the pleasure of Allah سبحانه وتعالى can only come from the Almighty Himself, who continually grants upon us His guidance on the straight path. On the onset it would seem hard for any onlooker to understand why a woman would want to go through the difficulties of covering, in reality for a women to cover her beauty from the sight of men is a natural instinct and a feeling of safety and protection. Only a woman who conceals herself fully understands and appreciates this physical and spiritual contentment.

What benefit is it to any woman, for her beauty to be admired and desired for by men other than her husband? It is also the long term affects behind covering that is not fully appreciated and understood. The danger and endless heinous sins that this exposure of feminine beauty can lead to, such as adultery, fornication, teenage pregnancies, abortions, harmful and sinful promiscuity of all natures, not to mention the sins of the eyes, ears, heart, etc. No part of the body remains protected. It corrupts the mind and breeds sinful thoughts and actions. Covering not only protects a woman but also protects men from committing the same detrimental sins, with this we can understand the deeper implications and wisdom behind this commandment, as all of Allah سبحانه وتعالى commandments were sent for all with farsightedness, to implement and follow for all times that exist.

Our interaction and social behaviour has rapidly deteriorated, we have started to accept our sinful habits by intermingling freely with the opposite gender. It has become the norm, we are so accustomed to seeing pictures on magazines, the shatanic t.v and posters and other sources that Astagfirullah even as Muslims we choose not to differentiate what is allowed and what isn't, thus; it no longer having any negative affect on our hearts. We are just going with the flow, imposing no restrictions on ourselves to safeguard our modesty. We are choosing to oppress our bodies rights granted upon us by Allah سبحانه وتعالى following everything that comes and goes in these dangerous times of social deterioration, with no rules or regulations on how to keep our dignity, self respect and modesty in tact.

What is liberation and what is oppression? Is it freedom for a woman to have to openly flaunt and display herself to fit in and satisfy the demands of her environment, where woman are seen to be exerting all efforts into physical beautifying their appearances so they may blend in. The most common saying amongst woman:

'I dress up for myself' how many men with their lustful glances have also enjoyed this privilege of dressing up for oneself?

'I go to work for my independence' who in reality is benefiting from this independence,

' if I stay at home I will become bored and depressed' how many women go to work and are suffering depression due to the stress and pressure of working as well as trying to bring up children and run a household?

The roles of the genders have been reversed, women feel pressured into exerting effort into becoming independent and becoming so-called modern women, but is this self oppression; modern, or prehistoric? Women no longer want to remain in the comfort and safety of their home. Is a woman liberated, when she is trying to live according to the needs of the world and not that of herself and her sacred religion, oppressing her physical and spiritual rights, trying to control, provide and look after, instead of enjoying the luxury of being provided for and looked after? Or is it the woman who fully accepts and understands her niche in life, lives according to the laws of shariah, and safeguards her dignity, modesty and freedom, at the same time sharing the same privileges of equality, respect and value with that of her male counterpart as commanded by the Beloved Almighty Allah سبحانه وتعالى in His true and righteous religion?