New to Islam? Preservation of the Qur'an

Sabeel Ahmed
New to Islam?

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Second Generation Memorizers

"...Qur'anic schools were set up everywhere. As an example to illustrate this I may refer to a great Muslim scholar, of the second Muslim generation, Ibn 'Amir, who was the judge of Damascus under the Caliph Umar Ibn 'Abd Al-Aziz. It is reported that in his school for teaching the Quran there were 400 disciples to teach in his absence". (10)

Memorizers in Subsequent Generations

The Number of Katatib and similar schools in Cairo (Egypt) alone at one time exceeded two thousand. (11)

Currently both in the Muslim and non-Muslim countries thousands of schools with each instructing tens of hundreds of students the art of memorizing the entire Qur'an. In the city of Chicago itself, there are close to 40+ Mosques, with many of them holding class for children instructing them the art of Qur'anic memorization.
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