New to Islam? Why Choose Islam?

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New to Islam?
Time has witnessed the rise and fall of nations and history has established the fact that the fall of nations has always been due to oppressive and corrupt practices. It has also established that only those who remained steadfast on the path of justice prospered.

A brief study of today's conditions and circumstances clearly show that vice and evil are the trend. Injustice, corruption and oppression is rife in our age. Islam, however, advocates striving for truth and justice, so, before casting stones at Islam one should take time to read and study it thoroughly. Here follows a few important points of Islam which will enable one to appreciate what Islam teaches.


Islam is not a man made system. It is a divine code of life that has been given to us, by the Creator, for the wellbeing of the creation. God Almighty, the Creator, Maker and Sustainer of the Universe is the only One Who has all the answers with regards to its prosperity and functioning. Because of His infinite wisdom, He created it perfectly and without fault!


Islam is not just a religion but a complete way of life. This encompasses politics, economics, religious laws, military affairs and the social and private life of mankind. There is no facet of human life that is not catered for in Islam. Thus, a person who submits to Islam does not have to look outside Islam to find answers to any of life's questions.


Everybody desires PEACE, TRANQUILITY & CONTENTMENT in life. These states are only possible when one is at peace with nature. Islam is a system which fits in with nature and which gives every creature its place and rights in "the chain of life." A person who has entered the fold of Islam and observes all its injunctions enjoys peace, tranquility and contentment of heart and is at peace with the entire creation.


Every person desires success. However the question which most fail to answer is: What is success? When a person is appointed for a specific task and fulfils that task we say he has succeeded! Thus we see, that in order for man to be successful, he must fulfil the task for which he was created. Islam teaches us that man was created for the worship of God! Therefore, he who submits himself to God and is obedient to Him attains success not only in this world but also in the hereafter, where life is eternal!


Islam gives full guidance and places great emphasis on social life. This guidance covers personal, family as well as community life. It also encourages every person to fulfil the rights of other people before demanding his own rights. Thus, with everybody discharging the rights of others, everybody's rights will be fulfilled, which will bring harmony to the entire community.


One of today's main problems for man is discriminatory and un-equal treatment because of race, nationality, lineage, gender and economic status. Islam teaches that all men are created equal by God and that the only distinguishing feature in His sight is good actions, coupled with piety and belief in Him.


God Almighty created the universe Himself! He has more knowledge of its workings than anybody! He has more knowledge of human life than anybody! Therefore it follows that the way that He dictates is the only method which gives man a chance of fulfilling his mission on earth, that of being God's deputy.


Islam, in its final form, was revealed 1 424 years ago and although man has progressed in science, medicine, technology, etc. still Islam has not fallen short or become insufficient in providing answers to men's problems and new challenges. Islam remains vibrant today as it has been in the past.

These are few points that should show one why one should choose Islam. Although a person's mind can tell him that this is the true way, the devil uses a person's carnal desires and fear of change to hold him back from the truth. Therefore a person should fight against the fear of the unfamiliar and negative propaganda that Islam receives in today's environment of hostility towards morality and justice.

Think carefully and act fast!

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