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Aslam u alaikum I have memory issues I was praying zuhr I did first sajda prostration and sat in middle and said allahummaghfirli. Then I did second sajda and after getting up I forgot if I had done first sajda or not so I decided to do one more sujood as I am in sitting position i said allahummaghfirli again and I'm about to do 3rd sujood. After saying allahummaghfirli I remembered I've already said allahummaghfirli already that means I have done 2 sujood. So now I'm clear my 2 sujood are done but now I'm stuck I don't know if I should get up or continue the 3rd sujood so I did third sujood and did sajda sahw sujood of forgetfulness at the end of salah Is my prayer valid.
Talaq e bayeen
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Asslamoalikum! My husband and me talked about an issue suddenly my husband got angry and told me that you and your kids not even equal to my parents feet dust. I don't want to live with you. You can take your kids other matters will be discuss later. From my side you are free priviously and now. He spoke these words in Urdu (meri tarf sy tum kal bhi farig thi aur ajj bhi farig ho) Then he went to his room and we didn't talk after that day I listened some statements about talaq e bayeen. So I want to confirm that I got divorced or not if yes then how many time and after that what can we do my husband said his attention was not for divorce we don't want sepperation we have four kids. Same situation in past 4 years ago he said same words with anger that I don't want to live with you. You can take your kids and go. From my side you are free. (meri tarf sy tum farig ho) After that we live together and my husband said my intention is not for divorce I am just sacaring you. Kindly confirm in this situation what can we do what is the right thing we do? We are still in marriage? If divorce apply how many divorce I received from my husband is it count one or two?? Kindly please explain each and every thing. Jazakallah khair
Assalamu alaykum moulana Hope you are well I recently went for umrah, and since then started learning more about islam. Before this I was very haphazard about islam, and wasn't particularly concerned with what sins I'm doing, not wearing hijab etc, however I am now trying and have implemented changes. I have uttered a few statements which I am uncertain about if any of them/which of these are kufr statements: 1. When I went for umrah I really tried my best to exert myself, however I would get tired and irritable with people there pushing and shoving, and find it difficult to be rushing to masjid five times a day, the heat etc, and I expressed my annoyance by saying things like, "when we come for hajj, we should only come for hajj for 2 weeks to avoid the difficulties encountered" or "I just want to go home after umrah" when we did not have a hotel to stay in as the accommodation got cancelled, or "I don't even know if Allah will accept my umrah as I have been so impatient and shouted at people". 2. I do not recall the exact conversation, but I mentioned to somebody that I would not disown/cut off my child should he/she be conducting homosexual actions. I did not however say the action is halal. I do not even have children, and I now realise I should not have said this, as it is a haraam act. 2. I said "Jesus" when someone made me angry. I did not intent it as a belief of any sort, it came out by mistake, as they do in movies. I also realise this is incorrect. 3. I read online Q&A about a few fatwa-for eg, some saying woman cannot attend Salah at a masjid, or that it is preferable for woman who are menstruating to make wudhu and sit on their musallah at Salah times, or that woman cannot leave the house for a walk/exercise. I was finding it difficult to follow all these rules at once, especially since I was not properly practicing islam before, and blurted out something like "but then our lives will be so boring and stupid", referring to if we have to follow these strict guidelines from these strict ulema. I did not mean that Islam is "boring and stupid", but that these ulema are making it harder. I know this shouldn't have been said either as the ulema are knowledgable and I am the one who is at fault. 4. Does saying a certain action is difficult constitute kufr, for example, saying "if a woman finds wearing hijab difficult, and those who do not wear it have it easier" - I uttered this statement as quoted, I did not say I find it difficult, just that a woman might find it difficult. The context of this statement was in the same conversation as the one above. I was confiding in my husband that I am trying to change and these are my difficulties encountered. 5. I was watching a YouTube video wherein a lady mentioned something about 'tears of the gods' and I mockingly said, "im not sure why her gods are crying", but I immediately said after that, Astaghfirullah we only have one and the same God, Allah. I was meaning she has a false belief/false gods when I said that initial statement. 6. Somebody was referring to a new walled city they are building in Saudi Arabia, and I said "is yajooj and majooj there", as a joke, I did not believe they are, but it was more like to say that Saudi is becoming so westernised that so many evil things are prevalent there (outside of Makkah and Medina). 7. When I used to listen to music, I once said the lyrics of an Indian song by mistake, which translated to "just like Eid on the day of holi" or something like that, however I did not mean it and it was simply said by mistake. 8. I read a news article wherein children in western countries are allowed to medically transition into another gender from the time they are kids. To this, I said to my husband, "If ever, they should at least not allow it for children/wait until they are 18". What I meant is not to say its allowed or right, but that its even worse if a child is being allowed such irreversible changes and haraam, as in, the western society should at the very least protect children from this. I apologise for the long email, and if this sounds so terrible. I realise none of these statements should have been uttered, and I am consumed by guilt. Since I have decided I want to change my ways, I do not know what is happening, I feel like I keep saying the wrong things and making mistakes. I have repeated my shahaadah, do I need to repeat my nikah? I do not want to make a mockery of my marriage either, as I fear I will make mistakes again in future, and then how many times will I keep saying to repeat my nikah. However if the above statements are that of Kufr, then please let me know if its necessary for me to repeat my nikah. JazakAllah
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalaamualaykum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh. Alhamdulillah, with the will and power of Allah SWT I am a Hafidh of the Noble and Gorious Qur'aan of Allah SWT. This has given me a status where in the masjid I am asked to lead when there is no imam present. I have been leading Taraweeh since my early teen years. I have also led salaah in the masjid. I fear that many of the salaah that I have led are not accepted. How can I ever compensate for this? How would a person compensate for leading nullified salaah where it is impossible to go to the muqtadees and tell them to repeat it. The thing is, before twenty I was heedless of this problem. I really noticed it when I read the below mentioned book. That was also the time when I began covering for an imam in my local masjid for salaahs he could not make it to. It was only when I was around twenty years old, when I was reading the book - 'Negligence With Urine - A Major Sin' by Mufti Muhammad Farouq when I learnt about Istibraa. I remember being young, maybe in my early teens or my pre teen years of always thinking that some urine has leaked out. I used to always check. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong (in there being urine leakage). But, after reading this book, I began to do istibraa. But now I fear that many or all of my previous prayers that I have led and prayed as a muqtadee or by myself are not valid. On top of this, although I have always strived to be punctual in removing hairs from my private parts since I became of the mature age. However, It wasn't until around when I was twenty when I started shaving around the anus. I have always strived to clean myself as best as I could whilst doing istinjaa, but my underwear would sometimes have light stains on it - even though I tried to wash myself thoroughly. I told myself to ignore it. Was my underwear impure? I always used to think it wasn't because i used to wash myself thoroughly. What should I do to compensate for the leading of salaah that may not have been accepted? At present I am always asked to lead the prayers at my local masjid. The thing is, I am slightly overweight where there is fat around my bladder/belly button area. And I believe that this is the reason my bladder does not fully empty straight away. So I take a long time to completely empty it. Also due to me being overweight I fear that I suffer from stress incontinence where during the day I feel tiny drops leaking out. Sometimes when I check there is nothing there and sometimes there is. And sometimes there is a drop of thick white liquid at the base of my private or dried up on my underwear. Therefore, If I am at the masjid and I feel I am not fit to lead I would refuse. But I fear that I may have led at times when I may not have noticed or felt any najaasat come out but it did. When I am appointed to lead, before I arrive at the masjid I strive to make sure I have emptied my bladder fully and cleaned myself fully. And I don't want to say no to leading prayer but I am very scared that I have been putting myself in positions that i am not suited / fit for. This is because I fear that there is always some urine left in my bladder that may leak out. The thing is I read about being a ma'zur. And that you are only Ma'zur as long as you are in the condition of whatever is making you a ma'zur. As soon as that thing stops (e.g. bleeding) you are no longer classified as a ma'zur. Every time I would lead I would wear clean boxers and most of the time if I feel something may have leaked out or could leak out I would go to the toilet first. If I am leading I would always strive to be clean and ready. However, there is always doubt in my mind if I should lead. I would never even want to lead one person in salaah if I am not fit to. I fear that I have led many nullified salaah. At present, I lead some salaah in the masjid. Most of the time I would go to the toilet before and clean myself but still I am very doubtful if I should lead because I fear that some drops can still come out. I have also been in positions when I have been leading, and I feel as ifI have passed wind - although I did not smell or hear anything. And I don't want to break salaah in case I am wrong and no wind has come out so I have continued to pray. In summary, what can I do to receive pardon and forgiveness from ALLAH SWT? I feel like a hypocrite! I feel like the filthiest person! I feel like a tyrant! Should I lead salaah?
Sheikh, I heard saying a famous scholar that semen is pure, but in Hanafi school of thought semen is impure. I have ocd and due to that i suffers from pure and impurity cause i have wet dream quite often. What should i do? Whom to follow, I'm really confused. Please advice.
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh. How do you wash the najaasat off clothing. If there is najaasat and you wash that part with water. When the water spreads, does that mean the najaasat has also spread. For example sometimes the nakaasat could be a small droplet of urine or maybe a few droplets. However, once water is used to wash it, would the najaasat spread with the water? How would you wash the najaast in a manner than would make it allowed to perform salaah in it without salaah being makruh or nullified?
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. What are the effects of masturbation on health? Does masturbation weaken the bladder? Does masturbation leave you not being able to last long in the bedroom?
The First Fitnah
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Assalamualejkum I would like to have a thorough, scholarly understanding of what occured between Sayyiduna Mu'awiyyah RA and Imam Ali RA. Is it possible to get in contact with a scholar to discuss this topic or to purchase a course, or pay a scholar by the hour that deals with this topic? I have read Dr. Muhammad Ali As-Sallabis book on The First Fitnah but would like to discuss with (Hanafi) scholars or experts in islamic history concerning the topic. Hope you can bring me in contact with someone. BarakAllahu feekum wasalamualejkum
Adopted daughter
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Relationship between adopted daughter. Single man adopted daughter at 10 years old. Daughter is now 18 years old. Adopted father visits home of adopted daughter alone. Adopted daughter lives with birth mother younger brother also. Adopted father paid for home and pays for all costs for the home. Adopted father takes adopted daughter out for picnics and shopping along with adopted mother and sibling and sometimes go out just as father and daughter. Adopted father feeds daughter food and daughter oils fathers beard and hair and sleeps on fathers chest. Is this acceptable?
Ulamaa ID 04
My wife confessed to committing zina and was guilty. I am worried that there were instances (in sequential order) as given below that make me think that I divorced her 1. On the day I came to know about her affair, I phoned my father and told him, “I don't want to live with her anymore. We have no topics to talk, our communication is poor and I cannot compromise with my deen” The reason for this is that I had thoughts that my nikah was not valid which spoiled our communication. So, since our nikah I had thoughts of either remarrying her or divorcing her. I did not know that saying such things might be considered divorce. 2. At home, I told my father that the chances of me keeping her is 40% and that of me leaving her is 60%. Are these words of divorce? 3. It was after this that I had intercourse with her to relieve myself of the stress. I still was confused whether to keep her or separate from her. 4. I told her that I had forgiven her, but still needed time to decide whether to keep her or let her go. 5. All this time my wife and I were staying together with my parents. I taunted her for her actions and even told her to take her passport and roam with the person who she had zina with. Are these words of divorce? 6. While my wife and I stayed at my place, she told me how I would feel after she left me (she probably meant leaving for her home for a few days). I had a thought that she is leaving me forever, and said I will enjoy being alone and live life with peace (but I said it in a lighter tone). Are these words of divorce? 7. I was in a very confused state whether to remarry her or to divorce her. My father asked me whether I wanted to divorce her. I said "Yes”. My father then asked me whether I could just forgive her. I used to tell my wife that I wanted to live with her. But, I was always confused whether to continue nikah or remarry her. 8. Once she also said she wanted to leave(she probably meant going home for a few days) and asked me about it. I wanted to ask for how many days, but didn’t ask. I had thoughts that she was leaving me forever and said "okay go". I think that I said her to go while I was thinking that she is leaving me forever/divorcing me. Is this considered as divorce? 9. Under deep hurt, I also once told my wife, “Leave me if you cannot change yourself (regarding me telling her to develop herself in deen, not talking to males unnecessarily and doing things that lead her to zina)”. She asked “Am I not changing myself?” I replied, “Yes”. She was really trying to change herself by cutting off relation with the person she did zina with,, reading islamic books, but she talked to some of male friends freely. Are these words of divorce and is kaffarah to be done? 10. We also had sex during this period, but I sometimes couldn’t feel the pleasure in it. 11. It is to be noted that I had accepted her but still was confused whether to keep her or let her go. She once all of a sudden told the story of the woman who complained to the Prophet (S.A.W) that her husband told her that her back looked like that of her mother’s. Could this be sign from Allah that divorce has taken place between us? 12. I did not like seeing her talk freely to male relatives. So I criticized her and we argued angrily. I even told her that I have thoughts that if she met with the guy whom she did zina with, she would do it again. She became shocked and said that I doubt her and was trying to control her. I became furious and told that her that she doesn’t understand me and said to her, “Leave from here”. Are these words of divorce? 13. Once her father came and took her away from my home as she was very disturbed. It was then that I realised I had said words of separation from her to my father on phone (mentioned in point no.1). I tried to keep her with me till her iddah in case I divorced her, but she insisted on going. I finally told her that I had taken her back so as to be sure that I had taken her back within the iddah period (03 menstrual cycles), considering my first statement of separation which I told my father on phone call (mentioned in point no.1). My parents were also hurt by some of her actions and while leaving she said words that hurt me. 14. After she left with her father, I did not talk anything to her on phone as I was hurt. She was irritated by my actions and I kept repeatedly saying words of accepting her, and said that I had to care for her after I had accepted her so that our nikah is intact if it was valid. 15. Just 02-03 days before her third menstrual cycle started (from the point of my first statement of separation which I told my father on phone call - mentioned in point no.1), I had a an argument with her regarding how she disrespected me while leaving, how she hurt my parents and she said to me, ”This is how you have accepted me?”. I ignored her since then and called her very rarely. I now had thoughts of either remarrying her or divorcing her. 16. When I called her a few days later, I again told her that I had accepted her, but she had completed her ghusl after her third menstrual cycle ended (considering the point of my first statement of separation which I told my father on phone call - mentioned in point no.1) 17. I am in serious doubts now. As mentioned above, there were several instances where i issued statements of divorce or seemed to have issued and then had sex with her/said i wanted to live with her/said I accepted her. Did the iddah period end after I accepted her or did it continue till the end of three menstrual cycles? Did I divorce her and accepted her back more than twice, thus making my divorce irrevocable till she marries and divorces another man. I am scared that during her ending of iddah, we had arguments and i was in confusion whether to remarry her or divorce her. 18. Since our nikah i always felt i was attracted to deen only when i was away from her or didn't talk to her and felt my imaan drop whenever i talked to her. Sometimes, when I phoned her, she didn't answer, I don't know for what reason and when she phoned me, I didn't hear the ringing and therefore I couldn’t answer. I have also done istikhara in asking Allah to guide me in continuing marriage or remarrying her. I even once asked her and she agreed for remarriage. Once she herself told me for remarriage. Could this be a sign from Allah that I have to remarry her. I get thoughts that maybe Allah exposed her sin of zina so that either i remarry her or separate from her. I really don't know what to do. 19. After her iddah ended (considering the point of my first statement of separation which I told my father on phone call - mentioned in point no.1), we again had argument in car when I got irritated and told her “leave from here” twice. After the first saying, I had thought it could mean divorce, but I said it the second time also. Could this mean that we are completely divorced or do I have a chance to accept her again? 20. I feel that I would be sinning if I get intimate with her. 21. I told her jokingly that I would drop her to some location. I completed the sentence even when I thought this could mean divorce. I can say that I was very careful in choosing my words and whenever she asked me if I wanted to stay with her, I used to say "Yes" and said that I couldn't live without her. I suffer from waswasa and am confused regarding this and in need of a proper solution so that my life is better in this world as well in the hereafter.
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