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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 24th July 2013 22:31

We walk on our feet for miles and miles we can reach,
A simple action of movement that takes us wherever we please,
Who should we thank for this capability?

In gratitude and humility on our knees, we kneel to pray
To fulfil our obligation, so we can reach the heavens of the highest stage
Who has gifted us this greatly rewarding ability?

We eat to our fill with no wheat to grind or seeds to reap
Water to drink, and rain to feed the plantations and trees,
Who do we owe for sustaining our needs?

We breathe in air with no electric gadget or machinery,
Breathing to take air into our blood, lungs, brain and body,
Who do we owe for this blessing that flows with so much ease?

We are granted parents, children, friends and family,
All for free with no direct debit nor monthly payment fee,
Who do we owe for all our generous gifts that are free?

The dawn brings us light; the dark brings us sleep,
With no asking nor begging who grants us daylight and nightfall,
That aids us to rest, work and sleep?

We wake in the morning with a new slate clean,
To begin a new day, to perform good deeds and to be sin free,
Who should we thank abundantly for this great opportunity?

We thank you, O' Allah Subhaanuhuwata'aala the Almighty, the Great,
For the life that we live, and the comforts that you bring,
You never give sparingly but bestow upon us generously in abundantly,
We remain indebted to you forever and eternally,
For as long as we live and as long as thou allow us to breath,
For all Thy endless string of generosities!

by Taalibah
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