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Why this stupid category?

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abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th July 2022 02:38
Why create this silly category?

The obsession amongst Muslims and some Muslim organisations who fell for financial incentives is very clear. The fear created by the media about something that has never been proven to actually exist is relentless. Many so called smart people have fallen for the scam and are too proud to admit they got duped.

The harms being done are very clear. Sudden deaths have become normalised since the vaccine roll-out. Every human is still at risk from depopulation agendas that have been admitted on camera again and again but most people become blind and deaf when faced with that reality.

This category is created so all the works of real scientists who are not prostituted to big pharma and big tech can be gathered in a single category. Threads will be moved over as time permits and the effort to spread the truth will not stop no matter how many try to do so.
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