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Life of society has changed drastically

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd October 2020 14:15

Life of literally every member of our society has recently changed drastically. These changes are related to “quarantine measures” which are supposed to suppress the threat of the deadly coronavirus COVID-19. Many people have questions about the adequacy of these measures. Indeed, the measures taken by the governments of practically every country in the world are unprecedented. The authorities justify these measures by showing media reports that indicate (in a way which is not quite clear to the population) an alleged horrible case fatality rate.

The information from the authorities is highly contradictory, and a number of the reports on the current situation contradict the previous reports. In addition, people see at least three contradictions in both the authorities’ statements and in the so-called “anti-virus” measures, that is:

  1. between the measures
  2. between the incoming information and the observable facts
  3. between the proposed measures and the previous human experience.

Since the authorities justify their actions by showing the numerical consequences of the “virus invasion” (case numbers) as well as catastrophic forecasts of this situation’s development, the first question which gets asked by those who still possess critical thinking concerns precisely that – the numbers and their interpretations:

“Can we prove or disprove something or draw a clear conclusion about the scale of the threat based on statistics published by the authorities?”

Let’s try to answer this question by analyzing the enormous amount of information (which the media generously dumps on us) and let’s try to identify the threats that the humanity is facing, assess their severeness and ways to fight them.

Full article here with everything clearly broken down and analysed.

Some excerpts:

Anyway, right from the beginning a quick epidemic prevalence report estimating the risk level of the new coronavirus was made in China and it immediately showed: the disease is certainly and completely SAFE. Why? Since otherwise all countries would have closed their borders immediately. WHO would have given a command to do so. But WHO didn’t give that command, but allowed the virus to spread around the world. Decisions on flights to and from Wuhan were made by each country and its airlines individually at its own discretion, even in February 2020. Each country acted in a way which would ensure that the disease would DEFINITELY(!) penetrate into their territory, by leaving it open for possible carriers of the (allegedly lethal) virus. And only afterwards these countries HESITANTLY(!) introduced certain measures. These initial measures and the way they were introduced (usually on the initiative of local authorities) didn’t at all correspond with the threat level the subsequent measures would later correspond with.

All the perplexed comments of experts about “a weird hype”, overshadowed by the ignorance and panic imposed by the authorities, irritate me, to be frank. Why don’t these experts tell everyone straight up that the hype and hysteria are directly related to the fact that the authorities (the state media are also a branch of the authorities, their mouthpiece) are NOT EDUCATING the population about the epidemic, but they are releasing SELF-CONTRADICTORY information, and therefore ARE CONSCIOUSLY MANIPULATING the population? The actions of the authorities are very cynical, they’re asking citizens “not to panic”, but they are doing everything to force and increase this panic. Today, those who still possess critical thinking call this panic “coronoia”. That’s a very appropriate name, it reflects the essence of what is happening.
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