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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st January 2019 23:50
This category should be used to post historical and contemporary facts about proven lies, propaganda, deception and general ideas that humans in general have become victim of. Many of these are also taught in schools as facts when the educated are clearly in the know about reality but are forced to teach the lies.

YouTube has also been a source of spreading outright lies as "conspiracies" and these should also be cleared up here. This category will be strongly moderated and if the evidence is insufficient the thread may be moved to sharing portal.

Please back your posts with either:

  • Links to the proof
  • YouTube videos if it's critical to your post (embed it using the buttons)
  • Logical general laws of science

Those who have doubts or questions should post replies so they can be answered to increase knowledge in the matter so if those points are raised, the answers will be available.

In light of recent disputes on the forum, we found it appropriate to create a category to post the forces at work against humanity and Islam alike. Unity is needed more now than ever before.


Some older threads will be moved here so the above rules will not apply to those.

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