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some people who kinda play on Islam... :/

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th April 2014 16:39
Assalamu alaikum

1) Suppose someone is doing salaah dhuhr but when he hit the 2nd or 3rd raka'ah, adhaan for Ashr is announced. Or someone doing salaah magreeb but in the middle of 2nd raka'ah he got adhaan for Isha. Will this person has to cancel salaah or continue? (Madhab is Shafi'ie)

2) What to say to a person who underestimate or abandoned salah for excuse "oh it's okay I can make up for that salaah tomorrow/ qada" :O. I have told him "who can guarantee you're not gonna DIE tomorrow?" and telling him Qur'an verse that salaah must be done on appointed time. But he was like "oh but imam of madhab says we must do qada for missed salaah, so I'll just take the qada" (???)

3) This is from a girl pal, she said his brother when he has a wet dream and he doesnt want to miss any salah but too cold or have any urgent need that make him delay ghusl. So he just do wudoo twice and excused "I heard a hadith that wudoo is half a ghusl". So he just took wudoo twice so he could pray (though he actually do ghusl afterward).

I mean what kind of logic is that? This is the SECOND time I've met people who think they can do wudoo twice to replace ghusl temporarily. I was thinking "bid'ah" in my head but is there any scholarly verdict on this?

4) If a muslim man plans to marry a Shia woman with his opinion that she's no different than "woman of ahlul kitab" and "muslim man can marry ahlul kitab". What's the ruling?

5) One day I come across a takfiri keyboard warrior (ok I still hope it's Shia in disguise) debating on a matter of one of Aisha's hadith online and suddenly he said "Aisha just followed her desires and we must only follow Sunnah. If you follow Aisha then it's even halaal to eat snake by her ruling". Is this person's Islam nullified?

Jazakallah khair (sorry for the overwhelming questions)
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 6th April 2014 17:24

Please post these as separate questions with appropriate subject lines for maximum exposure and benefit.

Please refer to guidelines:
Yasin wrote:
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