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Video Games with such issues

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 23rd July 2021 10:00
I think I read somewhere that competition for video games with money price is haram. Ok.
I also think I read that gambling with worthless points is prohibited. Ok
I also think I read games are permissible if they don't contain haram. Ok
Now here me out.
If competition for price isnt allowed in video games, then what happens when you play a ranked game vs your enemy. The winner gains (worthless points) the loser loses (worthless points.) Isn't that competing for a price then? Also isn't that gambling with worthless points? The saying that "oh but it's not a game of chance" doesn't work afaik since gambling is sort of a stake like for example two teams puts in money one wins 1 loses right? Isn't that gambling? I think I also heard its also prohibited even if the contestant isn't paying anything but a third person who isn't competing is giving the price. Isn't that the case in almost all video games that are online? You win, the game dev gives you some virtual reward. What about in mmorpgs where you fight boss and open a random chest? Isn't that also sort of gambling?

I am genuinely confused then how can football without money involved be halal? There is a league table right? Winning means other team loses their position, which is sort of like a virtual point isn't it? Like the ranking system in league?

Someone knowledgeable please answer.

Note: I am not issuing a fatwa here, these are all stuff I may have read online or partially things that lead me to these ideas to pop in head or purely from my mind or whatever. What I am trying to say is, don't hold me accountable as I am just simply asking!
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