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CoronaVirus: Burial without Ghusl

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 14th March 2020 12:51

Q:) Our local council is advising us that patients with confirmed CoronaVirus fatality should be buried without Ghusl and in a body bag. What is the position of Islamic Shariah on it.

Jazakllahu Khayran

This is not a Fatwa

Your council is overreacting and there is no such guidance from Public Health England or the Cabinet office at this time. Unfortunately, due to this confusion the Muslim who passed away in Manchester was buried without Ghusl.

There are deaths due to Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases and there are protocols to follow when giving Ghusl. Similar existing arrangements can be "mandated" for CoronaVirus by the British Government.

The Government might revise the guidance again and mandate the usage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Ghusl. Please follow the guidance of National Burial Council and Ulama at this point have no need to answer this Mas'ala for United Kingdom.

14th of March 2020

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