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Paintballing and Gelatine

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 19th July 2018 07:55

Paintballs actually consist of two parts, the shell and the fill. The shell compromises the outer portion that breaks on impact, and the fill itself is the dye and solvent which make the trademark splatter on contact. The shell of paintballs is almost invariably constructed of gelatine.

The origins of the Gelatine cannot be guaranteed and cannot be predicted. Most manufacturers state that it is composed of animal Gelatine and no further information is given. It is pretty certain the animal gelatine is used in the process. The composition of paintballs is closely guarded by manufacturers and the ingredients are not shared.

What is your advice for Muslims who wish to engage in paintballing?


حامداومصليا ومسلما
الجوابومنه الصواب

Thequery wasdeliberated amongst the Scholars at Department of Dārul-Iftaa (Wifaqul Ulama) and the conclusionreached after discussion was as follows:

In conclusion, Muslims should not engage in paintballing when it is factually determined or there is reasonable doubt that the paintballs are composed of Gelatine (derived from pigs). The usage of (non-swine sourced) gelatine for making paintballs is permissible. In the absence of Harām ingredients, the (paintballing) activity must be compliant to the rules and regulations as set forth in Islāmic principles.

1.    MuftiAmjad Mohammed

2.    MuftiBilāl Issāk

3.    MuftiFaisal al-Mahmudi (Canada) 

4.    Qādhi Imrān Sayed Falāhi

5.    MuftiMohammed Ashfāq

6.    Qāri Muhammad ShoyaibNurgat

7.    MuftiZakāria Akudi

8.    MuftiZubāir Dudha

MayĀllāhpreserve them all.

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