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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 15th June 2020 21:01
I see adverts for Halal Food Gastronomy on this website and wanted to know more about them. I have clicked on the link and found a number of restaurants in my hometown that I didn’t even know were halal and feeling tempted to try them! In particular around the centre of Manchester. Some of them are certified HMC, others are not so wanted to ask if the company is affiliated with Muftisays or if the admins or even members at Muftisays endorse them or can vouch for the reliability of the company and confirm, as far as they are aware, that the restaurants they put in their reviews are those that only served non-stunned, hand slaughtered animals.
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 9th December 2020 22:04
Malak wrote:
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I have been using hfg for a few years now to verify where I eat. I have messaged him a few times on Instagram with regards to the process he uses to check the stunning situation of the meat and poultry in various restaurants. I have been satisfied with their checks and can definitely vouch for them as he has provided screen grabs of the communication between him and the restaurants etc.
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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 10th December 2020 15:23
AssalamuAlaykum WaRahmatulahi WaBarakatuhu

I hope you are in the best of Health & Imaan.

JazakaAllah Kahyra for your post brother.

Every place that we feature on meets the following criteria:
✅ Only Hand Zabiha
✅ Only Non-stunned ⚡
✅ 100% Halal Restaurants
❌No Machine Slaughter
❌No Cross-contamination
❌No Alcohol

Want to know why we opt for the above criteria read more here -

We try to feature as many HMC certified places as possible however where that's not an option we conduct checks before featuring somewhere. This can be extremely time-consuming especially when somewhere has multiple suppliers as we try to check along the supply chain. We generally find issues around frozen items (eg chicken nuggets) being machine slaughtered which are then cooked with the chips etc.

Alhamdulillah, we have been successful in educating businesses who were offering fully machine slaughtered chicken across all their branches to change & move away from machine slaughter which is becoming widespread in the UK with most Halal Food pages 20K+ Followers not doing any checks eg IlmFeed did an investigation looking at a sample of 60 restaurants in London reviewed by large “Halal” Food Instagrammers found:

41 out of 60 restaurants presented issues regarding permissibility:

  • 10 of 60 restaurants were Non-Halal or confirmed cross-contamination risks whereby Halal & non Halal items were cooked together.
  • 19 out of 60 restaurants had Machine Slaughter present
  • 12 out of 60 restaurants stunned with hand slaughter
  • Only 19 of 60 restaurants were hand slaughtered

Read more:

List of Restaurants in the sample:

We also try to feature when places have Salah Facilities here:
along with places that offer Pardah / Privacy for sisters here:

We have a dynamic Halal Food Map that you can use on your computer or save to your phone:

Alhamdulilah Halal Food Gastronomy is fully self-funded by my self & ran with assistance from my wife & sister. We try to run everything under the guidance of a few Ullemah who have been providing us with support behind the scenes.

We do try to recheck places regularly before we re-feature them & keep the site updated. This has led to us posting retractions & clarification when suppliers change & we always recommend our readers to do their own checks before dining somewhere.

We do keep our social profiles somewhat more active & can be found on all the main platforms eg
Instagram @halalfoodgastro
Twitter -
Web -

As you mentioned here are the manchester places

We do also cover the following cities/categories (which is always expanding)
London -
Liverpool -
Bradford -
Birmingham -
Leicester -
Leeds -
Bolton -
Blackburn -
Batley / Dewsbury -
Preston -
& more...

I hope the above provides some clarity.

Request for Duas
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#4 [Permalink] Posted on 10th December 2020 15:45
As a very particular eater of non-stunned halal food, I can truly say, my "go to" place, for a number of years, has been Halal Food Gastronomy (HFG). They work diligently and go to great lengths to verify each outlet. I have spoken them on numerous occasions regarding regarding their verification process and can confirm they only recommend non-stunned halal places, as I do some due diligence (off my own back). I can certainly say, with confidence, HFG are 100% legitimate and would highly recommend them.
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