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True position according to Allah

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#31 [Permalink] Posted on 18th July 2014 19:44
samah wrote:
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Still not exactly. We can say that in matters of Sunnah vs. Non-Sunnah there is more flexibility. Its possible that in such matters both opinions are equally correct, but its also possible that only one opinion is correct. Take the oft-repeated example of Rafa Yadayn.

Hanafi Position: Better to leave it out
Shafi'i Position: Better to do it

Here, the question isn't about whether its permissible or not. Everyone agrees its permissible to do Rafa Yadayn. The question is: whats preferable, to do it or leave it? Either its (1) better to leave it OR (2) better to do it OR (3) both opinions are equally correct in the sight of Allah (i.e. neither is better than the other) [This third choice would not be possible in the case of halal vs. haram]. And if its the third, then that just means both madhabs were incorrect! This is just logic. However, issues like these should NOT be fretted over like the halal/haram issues. I, as a staunch Hanafi, can pray my next salah with rafa yadayn and it would be fine.

Same applies to minor issues like saying ameen loudly/silently, positions of hands (chest, below navel etc...), space between feet in salah, etc....

In fact, the book which I took the excerpt from exclusively talks about these minor issues, so this matter does NOT exclusively revolve around halal/haram issues.

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