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Give me the definition of a Sahih Hadith, from Hadith!

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 4th February 2011 00:21
A Shaykh was sitting in Makkah, when somebody came up to him and said, 'I wish to debate with you on certain masa'il (rulings). However, my condition is that we dont use Kalam ul-Rijal. We dont want proof for evidence from any human being. Only from Quran and Hadeeth." So Shaykh said, "Ok. What type of hadeeth?" The person replied, "We want sahih (sound, authenticated) hadeeth. And i dont want any statement of any human being." Shaykh said, "Ok. But before we start, can you give me the definition of a sahih (authentic) hadeeth?" So the person gave the definiton. Shaykh replied, "Give me a definition which is not from the statements of men. You made a condition that we only use Quran and hadith. So if you can do that then we shall continue insha'Allah." The person couldnt say anything, and went away.

Ultimately, its impossible not to make taqleed of someone. Even when it comes to the definition of what a sahih hadeeth is, you have to rely on the Scholars before you. So every person is doing taqleed.

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