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Imam Malik and The Ahle Hadith

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th October 2010 22:08
The name of the Imam of Madinah was Imam Malik (R.A). The Salafi claim that they follow the Imams of Madinah, but they dont even accept what he says. This is just a deception with the Imam of Madinah; in fact Salafi differ in many ways.

Lets compare the Ahle Hadith with the Imam of Madinah. (You = Salafi/Wahabi/Ahle Hadith/Najdi)

1) You lift your hands at the time of ruku. The Imam of Madinah says he does not
even know what is the lifting of the hands (is meant for). (Mudawwatuhul Kubra, Nadwi pg.168 vol.1)

2) You are in the opinion of making masah on the turban, and the Imam of
Madinah does not give permission to do so. (Muwatta Imam Maalik r.a pg.23)

3) According to you, one should strike his hands once at the time of tayammum,
while the Imam of Madinah says; one should strike the hands twice. (Muwatta)

4) You say that the muqtadi should read surah Faatiha in both the silent and the
audible salahs. The Imam of Madinah says that the muqtadi will only read surah Faatiha in the silent salahs. (Muwatta)

5) According to you, one who joins (the Imam) in the position of ruku has missed
the rakat. The Imam of Madinah says that a person has made the rakat. (Muwatta)

6) You say that it is compulsory to read surah Faatiha in Janaazah salah. The
Imam of Madinah says that there is no such practice in the city of Madinah.

7) According to you the Janaazah salah read in the Masjid, is permissible. The
Imam of Madinah says it is reprehensible. (Mudawwanah)

8) According to you the witr salah is of one rakat. According to the Imam of
Madinah it is a minimum of three rakats. (Muwatta)

9) According to you, the consumption of horse meat is permissible. According to
the Imam of Madinah, it is not. (Muwatta)

10) According to you, the days of sacrifice (of animals at the time of eid) are four.
According to the Imam of Madinah, they are of three days only. (Muwatta)
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