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How the Shias and the Salafis are like sugar and honey

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The Shia are Kafir, so why are the Salafis following them bit by bit
» Salafis are confused
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» Salafis are right to adopt the Shia school
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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 6th November 2010 12:34
I would like to add a very very important point here.

Some of these brothers have sincere intentions and they want to do the right thing but they see people in Thawbs and they think they are the ones that need to be followed.

I pray to Allah that they see the reality and wake up. I work with Arabs, I install equipment in their Mansions, and they were the best islamic clothing, have the most beautiful pictures in their homes and they have BARs to keep the alcohol. Astagfirullah.

They dont pray, they dont fast nothing. They have love for the Dunya. Then you get some Arabs who have all this but no alcohol and they pray and they fast, but they have so much they dont even know what to do with it. and their children, no comment.

These people (young salafis) want to be true Muslims, but they are mislead with such lies as we saw with the lies attributed to Imam Abu Hanifa and the like. They hear and they obey, because it all sounds like they have evidence. We all know the best liars are the Lawyers and Shias.

These brothers really need to sit down with the scholars who they oppose and ask them the questions rather than telling youngsters and converting them to their fitna.

Another point is that many of these brothers are being taught by brothers who have graduated from Madinah Universitey. SubhanAllah. Thats why they think they are correct.

I tell them Shaykul Islam (NOT) Tahir ul Padri has also graduated from there, why not follow him.

Our scholars have a chain all the way back to the Prophet(SAW). Our Scholars have also given Ijaza to Shaykh bin Baz. That in its self says so much. Our Scholars are the teachers of the holders of the black banners of Khurasa. Our scholars......I can go on and on.

Brothers if you are reading this, "no offence". BUt dont speak ill of any of the Salaf, dont let the Hadith of the Prophet(SAW) be an indication towards you. Read the seerah of the Prophet(SAW) his companions and thier companions. ou will see how they all strove for Allha and his pleasure. it is was the plan of Allah to make Imam Abu Hanifa from the Khairul Quroon. It was revealed in the Quran and Hadith that someone will come and take out knowledge of the deen even if it was hidden on the furthest planet in the galaxy, it was so specific that the Prophet even indicated that he would be from amongst the people of Salman al Farsi, The Persian. (see the post regarding the persians). See what the true scholars from the Salaf have said about this verse and Hadith, see what ibn Kathir had to say. It is none other than Imam Abu Hanifa. Just because he was not an Arab this doesnt mean any thing, even the Sahaba would ask the Prohet about a poeple being wiped out if they didnt fulfil the rights of Islam and Allah, Allah would replace them with someone else.

My advice to you is to follow the Salaf, the ones who dont slander, backbite, lie, create fitna etc. The true Salaf would not do that. If you want to study about other schools, then go to their schools not a Salafi school where every thing is one sided.

This is something else I get accused of, I get told that I only take from Hanafi scholars, true, but I also listen to every other good speaker, read books from other schools, even salafis, ask them for advice etc, I take all that is good from every one, and leave what I dont understand until I understand it. I have an open mind, and my heart tells me that if someone has spoken Ill of any of the True Salaf, then they have been mislead.

I will end with 2 verse of the Quran:
Allah Says in the Quran

Whoever opposes the Rasool after the guidance (the truth of Islam) has become manifest (clear) to him and follows a path other than that of the Mu'mineen, We shall allow him to do that thing which he is doing and then enter him into Jahannam. It is the worst of abodes.
Surah Nisaa: Verse 115

O you who have Imaan! Obey Alllah, obey the Rasool and those in command among you (your leaders and authorities in all fields, such as the Imams of Jurisprudence in Fiqh). If you dispute regarding any matter, then refer it to Allah (find the solution in the Qur'an) and the Rasool (or find the solution in the sunnat) if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. This is best (for all) and gives the best results (because then you will not be basing your decisions on your personal opinions).

Imam Qurtubi has said in his exegesis that this verse has made it clear that ignorant persons who are not acquainted with the rules of Shari'ah must seek knowledge from scholars and then follow them accordingly.
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