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Real life discussion with a local Madkhali (Extreme Salafi)

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#31 [Permalink] Posted on 26th August 2012 23:12
abu mohammed wrote:
Just to clarify for the new comers,

Ghair Muqallid is one who claims to follow Quran and Sunnah only and not any 1 school. They do not follow 1 school.

They pick and choose from the schools so they create their own madhab, and I call it madhab-e-al nafs!
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#32 [Permalink] Posted on 31st December 2023 01:43
This issue of Madkhali's has been going on for a long time online, especially during the Palestinian resistance against its occupiers.

It has been pretty clear for the past two months how Madkhalis have worked hard to support Israel and defame the Palestinian resistance.

What is shocking is that even Zionists have repeatedly acknowledged that Madkhalis are their allies.

The most prominent example of this was published recently by the Times of Israel.

The article calls Shamsi a "Senior Islamic scholar" and says that the Madkhali movement:

"...helps secure Western secular democratic interests and ideals, as well as the security of the State of Israel."

The article also explicitly calls me out as an "enemy of Israel":

"Shamsi Bensafi, an Islamic cleric, has advocated for peace with the Jewish State of Israel, whilst Daniel Haqiqatjou – an Iranian Shia Jihadist-oriented political agitator – has advocated for endless war with Jews as a whole so that Palestinians can have a state from the river to the sea. The former is a proponent of Madkhalism whilst the latter is a proponent of Jihadist political Islam; and the former is friend of Israel, whilst the latter is an enemy of Israel. Which one benefits Western and Israeli interests?"

lol I am a "shia jihadist" apparently

The article concludes:

"...when we objectively review all the evidence, it becomes firmly established that Madkhalism is the strain of Islamic thought that is most friendly to the tactical, operational, and strategic goals and objectives of the State of Israel. This group has no problems with normalizing ties with the State of Israel, nor it has any problems with Arab states buying and selling with Israel, thereby strengthening Israeli economy, and securing its interests across the Islamic world and even beyond. Shockingly, it openly promotes the idea of removing all Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, and they legitimize the authority and power of modern State of Israel over all the territories that are considered Palestinian territory by the politically problematic strain of the Muslim Brotherhood-type organizations."

Now, obviously what Zionists say about Muslims is not worth spit, but they are not making stuff up. They are pointing to the clear stance of Madkhalis on Israel, a stance which Madkhalis themselves have advertised non-stop since Oct 7. The article is only affirming what everyone already knows:

Madkhalis are the friends of Israel, and they are enemies of the Ummah.
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