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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 21st May 2015 13:56
Essential Books for Muslim Youth

A leftist friend on the Facebook has made a suggestion for must read books for Muslim youth.

I do not agree with him but his post and comments are copy pasted below.

Can we prepare our own must read books set for Muslim youth?

Friends and Comrades, I am preparing a list of must read books (both fiction and non-fiction) for Muslim youth in India. The list (along with synopsis and other basic details) will be posted on my personal blog, Do help me, if you can. Language No Bar. Will answer your question, ‘Why only for Muslim Youth?’ later. So far, my list includes following books:
1. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
2. Roll of Honour by Amandeep Sandhu (along with Helium by Jaspreet Singh)
3. To Sir, With Love by E. R. Braithwaite
4. The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Discontent and its Civilizations by Mohsin Hamid
5. Seasons of Trouble by Rohini Mohan
6. The Youngest Suspect by Peggy Mohan
7. Kafkaland: Prejudice, Law and Counter-Terrorism in India by Manisha Sethi
8.Confessions of Secular Fundamentalist by Mani Shankar Aiyar (parts of it)

Hamza Habib Some may lambaste you with religious hunter for not suggesting 'Holy Quraan'..
Like · Reply · 4 · May 17 at 1:18pm
Saurabh Kumar Shahi 1. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

2. The Great War for Civilisation by Robert Fisk...See More
Like · Reply · 6 · May 17 at 1:30pm · Edited
Mahtab Alam Shukriya Saurabh bhai. Aapse aisi hi ummid thi !See Translation
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 1:28pm
Saurabh Kumar Shahi Waise bhai, humko qaum se zyada umeed nahi hai. Best of luck with the effort, nonetheless. Abhi aayenge ibne Iblees sab. "Jab Quran hai, Sahih Muslim hai, Sahih Bukhari hai ta in sab ka kya zaroorat hai..." wale aayenge. Phir koi Lucknow se aaega ki "Behar ul Anwar" kahe nahi hai. Best of luck. I am cynical, but cant help.See Translation
Like · Reply · 5 · May 17 at 1:33pm
Minnie Vaid To kill a mockingbird by harper lee
Like · Reply · 5 · May 17 at 1:33pm
Mahtab Alam Bhai Saurabh- aap ki baat wajib hai. par hum kya karen par bahut limited options hain. 1. ya to mayoos ho kar baith jayen aur kahen ki kuch nahi ho sakta. 2. khali gariyate rahe aur batayen ki sari kharabi ki darr khud qaum hi hai. 3. teesara engage ki...See MoreSee Translation
Like · Reply · 3 · May 17 at 1:39pm · Edited
Saurabh Kumar Shahi Sorry, I overreacted. You have known me better. But I have developed a sense of frustration vis-a-vis the qaum. Combined with the typical print journalist cynicism, it is rather depressive. You are doing a great job. Carry on. Didn't mean to undermine it. Just that the sense of frustration and betrayal is immense.
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 1:45pm · Edited

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Mahtab Alam Imran Khan, Hello, jumma-jumma 8 din hua nahi TV journalist bane TV reporter ki tarah batiyeyane lage !
Like · 1 · May 17 at 4:26pm

Mahtab Alam Bhai hum samajh sakte hain aur aap jo kah rahe hain uski qadr bhi.See Translation
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 1:46pm · Edited
Pranav Jagdish Rights of Man - Thomas Paine

And just so to know what majoritarian history is and politics seem to look like and how it all started...See More
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 2:04pm
Anoo Bhu Following!
Like · Reply · May 17 at 2:10pm
Sahim Ahmed 1. Nehru--The making of #India by MJ Akbar .

2. Shade of swords by MJ Akbar ...See More
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 2:37pm
Javed Iqbal debrahminizing history - braj ranjan mani
the great war of civilization - robert fisk
the autobiography of malcolm x, ...See More
Like · Reply · 7 · May 17 at 2:38pm · Edited
Javed Iqbal oh and prison writings by abdullah ocalan
Like · Reply · 4 · May 17 at 2:37pm
Masihuddin Sanjari Fukkul Aani by Dr. Shahid Badr Falahi
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 2:43pm
Masihuddin Sanjari Operation Akshar Dham by Rajeev Yadav and Shahnawaz Alam
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 2:44pm
Masihuddin Sanjari Godse,s children by Subhash Gatade
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 2:45pm
Masihuddin Sanjari Dahshatgardi aur Musalman by Azam ShahabSee Translation
Like · Reply · May 17 at 2:45pm
Rasshad Khan This reminds me of a tag game spreading across facebook where people were putting up list of their favourite books.

Why should someone or anyone, leave alone the Muslim youth, should read a book recommended/mentioned by others? Shouldn't they rather be encouraged to explore literature, be it mastram, chetan bhagat or harper lee....See More
Like · Reply · 3 · May 17 at 2:52pm · Edited
Manan TRivedi Good initiative Mahtab Alam
Like · Reply · May 17 at 2:54pm
Mahtab Alam Bhai Rasshad, itna load nahi lete. sorry, agar 'patronizing' laga/lag raha hai to !
Like · Reply · May 17 at 2:55pm
Hanif Mayet with due respect as its for the mucslims youth top of the list would be the daily dosage of ...THE HOLY QURAAN
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 2:56pm
Chetna Birje really thanks
Like · Reply · May 17 at 2:57pm
Neha Bhat Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart, Jhumpa Lahiri: Interpreter of Maladies, Antoine de Saint Exupery- The Little Prince, Rohington Mistry: A Fine Balance, Ernesto Che Guevara- The Motorcycle Diaries, Fynn: Mister God, This is Anna, Fyodor Dostoevsky- Cri...See More
Like · Reply · May 17 at 3:04pm · Edited
Sayyad Adnan Ahmad 'Moral Vision' by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Like · Reply · May 17 at 3:11pm
Saurabh Kumar Shahi Kya bole the hum Mahtab bhai? Upar dekhiye apne comment ke baad.See Translation
Like · Reply · May 17 at 3:11pm
Kandamath Manayilvalappil Venugopalan "The Veil and the Male Elite"
A Feminist Interpretation of Islam
by Fatema Mernissi ...See More
Like · Reply · 2 · May 17 at 3:15pm · Edited
Sahim Ahmed PLEASE....... ONE IMPORTANT THING .....

This List of books SHOULD NOT include the Great Quraan shareef and Ahadeese Mubaraka ..... ...See More
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 3:41pm · Edited
Mahtab Alam Bhai Saurabh, humne usko deny kab kiya tha. Ye to pata hi hai hum-aapko. Par sirf yahi hai aisa kahna bhi munasib nahi hoga.See Translation
Like · Reply · May 17 at 3:16pm
Parijata Bhardwaj Half of the yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Case of the Exploding Mangoes by Mohamad Hanif
Like · Reply · 3 · May 17 at 3:56pm
Sarfaraz Mulla 1. Al Quran
2. The Sealed Nector - Biography of Prophet Muhammad - Moulana Mubarakpuri
3.Purification of the Heart - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf...See More
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 6:05pm · Edited
Bobby Kunhu A world without Islam - Graham E Fuller
Post Orientalism: Knowledge and Power in the Time of Terror - Hamid Dabashi
Dr. Ambedkar and Untouchability - Christophe Jaffrelot...See More
Like · Reply · 7 · May 17 at 10:56pm · Edited
Kabir Khan With all those books you will make them conspiracy theorist
Like · Reply · 3 · May 17 at 6:57pm
Abdullah Khan
Husband Of A Fanatic: A Personal Journey Through India, Pakistan, Love, And Hate
In the summer of 1999, while India and Pakistan were...
Like · Reply · May 17 at 7:19pm
Bobby Kunhu Monica Ali's "Brick Lane"
Like · Reply · May 17 at 8:53pm
Natasa Khandakar begam rokeya downfall f women n motichur part1 n 2,origin of islam by asghar ali engineer.....
Like · Reply · May 17 at 10:50pm
Manas Ranjan The Second Sex by Simone Beauvoir; Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell: Why I killed Gandhi, by Nathuram Godse; Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru; Jinnah the Man by MJ Akbar; Pakistan or the Partition of India by Dr.B R Ambedkar. These books may be interesting too.
Like · Reply · 1 · May 17 at 11:45pm
Ghazala Jamil Orientalism by Edward Said, Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon, Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Friere, Good Muslim Bad Muslim by Mehmood Mamdani
Unlike · Reply · 4 · May 18 at 12:29am · Edited
Britta Ohm Bombay Stories by Manto
Like · Reply · May 18 at 1:07am
Khalid Azam Musaddas by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali
Unlike · Reply · 1 · May 18 at 3:58am
Khalid Azam Composite Nationalism by Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani translated in English
Unlike · Reply · 1 · May 18 at 3:59am
Khalid Azam Ambedkar:
Pakistan or the Partition of India...See More
Like · Reply · May 18 at 4:01am
Makepeace Sitlhou Anything by Ismat Chughtai.
Like · Reply · May 18 at 11:37am
Jyoti Punwani ismat chugtai & manto's work. also, ruskin bond.
Like · Reply · 1 · May 18 at 12:37pm
Jyoti Punwani ismat chugtai & manto's work. also, ruskin bond.
Like · Reply · May 18 at 12:37pm
Jyoti Punwani premchand of course
Like · Reply · May 18 at 12:38pm
Yousuf Saeed I wrote this book for the young Muslim (and everyone else), but the publisher has killed it so far with the price. Am working on an Urdu and Hindi versions of it.
Like · Reply · 2 · May 18 at 12:49pm
Shemin Joy Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History by Eduardo Galeano
Like · Reply · May 18 at 2:37pm
Sharmila Sinha Phadeshwar nath Renu of course. And why only Muslims? Why not good read for all...
Like · Reply · 1 · May 18 at 6:18pm
Asim Khan All Ramchandra Guha's books must be read by Muslim youths.
Like · Reply · May 18 at 9:01pm
Joyjeet Das Renu ka Maila Aanchal, Nabarun ka Kangal Malshaat, Lewis Carrol ka Alice in the Wonderland and most importantly, The Adventures of Asterix (those written by Goscinny)
Like · Reply · May 18 at 10:57pm
Joyjeet Das Aur non-fiction hum nahi batayenge
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#17 [Permalink] Posted on 26th August 2022 11:56
This might be very useful for readers of Arabic books (has great potential)

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