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4 Holy Books

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 19th March 2024 10:57
Preservation of the Four Holy Books of Islam:
Throughout history, divine scriptures have faced the challenge of preservation as they were passed down through generations. However, the Quran stands apart from other holy texts due to its unparalleled preservation. While alterations and changes have affected other scriptures, the Quran remains intact in its original form. This remarkable preservation is a testament to the divine protection promised by Allah (SWT), ensuring that His final revelation to humanity remains unaltered until the Day of Judgment. The Quran continues to serve as a beacon of guidance and wisdom, inspiring millions with its timeless message.

The Holy Quran:
It is one of the 4 Holy Books. As the final and most authentic revelation from Allah (SWT), the Quran holds a central position in Islam. Revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) over a period of 23 years, the Quran encompasses guidance on all aspects of life, including faith, morality, and social justice. Divided into 114 chapters, or Surahs, the Quran addresses the spiritual and practical needs of humanity. Its preservation over 1400 years, without any additions, deletions, or alterations, underscores its divine origin and enduring relevance. Muslims worldwide revere the Quran as the literal word of Allah (SWT) and diligently study and recite its verses in daily prayers.

Scientific Miracles in the Quran:
One of the remarkable aspects of the Quran is its mention of scientific phenomena that were unknown at the time of its revelation. These scientific miracles, ranging from embryology to cosmology, serve as evidence of the Quran's divine authorship. The Quran's accurate depiction of natural phenomena underscores its role as a guidance not only in matters of faith but also in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the universe. Muslims view these scientific insights as further confirmation of the Quran's status as the ultimate source of guidance and truth, reinforcing their faith in Allah (SWT) and His message.
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