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Shaykh ul Islam Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya RH - Book Summary (English)

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 15th January 2019 16:06

The following content has been taken and summarized from the urdu book called "Shaykh ul Islam Hadhrat Bahauddin Zakariyya Multani Suharwardi Rh". Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything of good quality about him in English language.

Suharwardiyya Order:

1. Suharwardi Order was founded by Shaykh Abu al Najeeb Abdul Qahir Rh in Kurdistan. He was born in 490 Ah.

2. He was the disciple of Imam Ghazali Rh's brother Ahmed Ghazali Rh. He also took faidh (spiritual enlightenment,knowledge, nur) from Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rh.

3. He died in 564 Ah. His lineage goes back to Abu Bakr RA.

Shaykh Bahauddin Zakarriya RH:

1. He was one of the greatest saint of Suharwardi order and was settled in Multan.

2. Contrary to the Chishti order, he was also involved in political affairs and influenced the rulers of his time.

3. He had numerous mureeds belonging to different walks of life.

Methodology of Teaching and Dawah:

1. First of all he would do tazkiyah of his mureeds and students.

2. His disciples would go through intensive dhikr, fasts, prayers, spiritual exercises, meditation. He would also teach them Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh.

3. He created an organized system of dawah in which people of the whole Asia would join him. They would learn different languages and culture and traditions of different areas.

4. His graduate disciples would be trained forgiving high quality dawah.

5. They were taught the high morals of patience,steadfastness, good manners, piety and cleanliness.

6. Members of the dawah organization were given capital for trading along with journey expenses. In this manner, they wouldn't burden anyone and would sustain themselves while giving dawah.

7. Each dawah team would consist of five members which would travel to different places and countries. After completing their dawah mission, they would return and report the progress to Shaykh Zakariyya Rh.

8. In the khanqah of Shaykh Zakariyya Rh archery,horse riding and swimming were also taught so that in the time of need, people could defend their deen and motherland and do jihad.

9. He would support the orphans, the poor, the weak, the needy and the students.

10. Whoever would meet him would think that he is given the utmost respect by him.

11. He would ask and care for anyone who would be absent in his majlis (religious gathering) and he would also take care of the sick.

12. After finishing the works and errands of the day, when people would come to his khanqah, he would give sermons which were relative to their needs and circumstances. He would personally serve them and put food in plates with his own hands.

13. He would strictly instruct his disciples to earn halal living.

14. One of his mureeds had written a book named"Kasab Nama". In this book detailed religious and technical instructions are found about barbers, carpenters, utensil makers and shopkeepers.

15. He would advise everyone to remain constantly in the dhikr of Allah. Even the women would be advised to do constant dhikr during house chores. The women of his house would finish the whole Quran from beginning to end while doing their chores all day long.

16. He would immediately rebuke those who would do any deed against the sunnah of Prophet SAWS.

High level of Generosity:

Nasiruddin Qabacha who was the mayor of Multan was a staunch enemy of Shaykh Zakarriyah RH. To counter the shaykh he built a grand masjid and madrassah and appointed Qadhi Qutbuddin Kashani (a famous scholar) as it's Imam. Shaykh Zakariyya Rh would occasionally visit Kashani's masjid and would offer fajr prayer in his imamat.

Once Qadhi Qutbuddin asked from the great Shaykh "You come from afar to offer prayers behind me. Why don't you just offer prayers in your own khanqah?" The great Shaykh replied that I act upon this hadith that "Whoever will offer a prayer behind a pious scholar is as if he has offered prayer behind a prophet."

His Teachings:

Once someone asked "What is Zuhd"? He replied "Zuhd and sainthood is the name of three things. The first is to know the meaning of dunia and then leave it. Second is to serve Allah. Third is to desire akhirah and work for it."

At another occasion he said that "Mujahida(Struggle against Nafs) is the name of suppressing the desires of nafs for 20 years like I did. I used to offer qiyam ul lail (The night prayer ,Tahajudd) at night and would fast in day. I would break my fast with very little water and some morsels. This is the lowest mujahida which everyone can do".


The Shaykh here is talking about a period 900 years ago from our times. People at that time would eat pure food, would live a natural and healthy physically tough life unlike today's humans who are used to machines and luxuries. They were tough people and could endure such difficult mujahidas. We can only take inspiration from these great saints and within our own limits and circumstances could try to do as much mujahida as our body and mind would permit.

At another occasion he stated "Until you don't act upon the ilm of shariah, it is useless".

He also stated that "Zuhd and piety, mujahida and worship and seclusion from the world should be for the sake of being protected from sin and for focusing on akhirah. A person should be humble to such an extent that whenever he is in the company of people, he should consider himself among the lowest of creations. He shouldn't be proud. His heart should be clean from useless thoughts. He should avoid anything which distracts and distances him from his Lord".

He would educate and make his disciples realize this from the teachings of Quran and Sunnah that the only purpose of a human in this world is to attach his heart to Allah's remembrance constantly.

Deep insight in political affairs:

He would take deep interest in political affairs.King Altamash was deeply impressed by his political know how and piety. That is why he appointed him on the position of Shaykh ul Islam (Leader of all scholars).

In the whole world where ever the political,economic and legal system of Islam was spread through the sword of mujahideen, the social system of Islam was spread through the dawah of Aulia Allah.

This world is created by Allah and it is Allah's law which will be supreme and will rule the world no matter if anyone likes or dislikes it. However, one can't force any one to leave one's religion on personal level and make one accept Islam. One can only do dawah and present Islam with the best of manners and good morals.

In the Quran Allah says "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing." (2:256)

This is the reason that Aulia Rh have always invited the people with love, good manners, knowledge and wisdom towards Islam and have trained the nafs of non pious Muslims.

Naseeha (advise) to his disciples:

"It is necessary that a man worships Allah with truth and sincerity. He shouldn't associate any partners with Him. To achieve it, he must take care of his inner thoughts, feelings and emotional condition. He must also be careful about his words and actions. He mustn't say and do anything out of necessity. Before saying and doing anything he must seek help from Allah for granting the taufeeq of doing good. Remember Allah to such an extent that you are drowned in the divine love."

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