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Corbyn invites Trump to Finsbury Park Mosque

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 19th August 2016 09:55
Jeremy Corbyn invites Donald Trump for tea and a chat in his local mosque

The Labour leader said he'd like to "help" a hypothetical President Donald, and would invite him to discuss "culture and diversity" in Finsbury Park if he was Prime Minister

Jeremy Corbyn extended an invitation to Donald Trump tonight, saying if he won the US election, he'd invite him to discuss "culture and diversity" in his local mosque.

Mr Corbyn was asked what he'd do if the Donald won the US election and he was elected Prime Minister, during a Labour party leadership debate in Birmingham.

Asked if he would be friendly to President Trump, he raised laughter from the audience, saying: "What I would do is try and help him."

He went on: "I would invite him to come to Finsbury Park, in my constituency, and we could go to a lovely building just around the corner, and we can talk about culture, diversity and history over a cup of tea in the Mosque."

He made the comments at a debate with challenger Owen Smith , who said the prospect of Trump being president filled him with "some trepidation."

An audience member called out: "He's as bad as Hillary", to which Smith shot back "Well, Hillary does not fill me with the same sort of trepidation as Donald Trump. I think that's frankly a slightly silly thing to say."

But he said it was important to work with whoever is in the White House, but he wants Hillary Clinton to win.

He said: "America has been a friend to this country many times in the past, but we do need a Democrat in the White House and we need to make sure we've got a Labour man or Labour woman in Downing Street."

By Mikey Smith

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