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Ramadhaan Slipping Away

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th August 2013 13:56
Blessed days and blessed nights slipping away,

Like water through our fingers flow.

How much we did and how much we could have done,

He, (subhaanahu wata'ala) alone knows.

Time awaits no one. Like ice in the sun it melts away.

Gone in a blink of an eye have the ten days of Rahmah

And the rest will follow but do not give up it's never too late,

A single tear of regret is all it takes for Maghfirah.

O Allah! Forgive us our shortcomings in our 'ibaadah,

Deal with us gently through Your never ending Rahmah.

And in all our matters, overlook our excesses,

You are aware O Allah, of all our weaknesses.

Ummi Taalib
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