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The Spectacles of Death, Ust. Bint Ahmad - 30th October - (COURSE)

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East London
#1 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd October 2010 19:15
Event Information
Event Date: 30th October 2010
Event Time: From 09:30am To 05:00pm
Venue: TBC very soon (In East London Area/Whitechapel)
Countdown: Finished.
The Final Destination
The Spectacles of Death

Taught by Ustadha Bint Ahmad - (Al Zahra Institute, London)


A unique oppurtunity for sisters to prepare for their final destination. The Ustadha will mention situations specific to sisters and how to overcome the major problems facing sisters. We make preperation for everything, but how many of us have made preperations for our final destination? Enrol now!!
Said Yazid al-Ruqashi 'I have heard it said that when the deceased is set in his tomb his works amass around him and are given to speak by God, so that they say, "O bondsman, alone in his pit! Your family and friends are now separated from you, so that today we are your sole companions".' Imam Ghazali, Book of Death.

The aspect of Death is a matter which every individual will go through. For some, death will be a mercy and easy whilst for others this moment will be torment and pain. The Qur'an and Prophetic Sayings mention the aspect of death several times in order so man may take heed and notice. For many Parents and loved ones have died, but each and every individuals time will come to join them. This one day course attempts to prepare individuals for this final moment, and help aid people so death for each and every one of us becomes a moment of ease and mercy.

This one day course will teach the following topics:

Preparation of Death
• The Final Moments
• Blessed Actions which would aid the final moment
• The Final Breath
• Moments after Death and Funeral Prayer
• The Barzakh
• Description of Hell
• Description of Heaven
• Actions which will help those already deceased according to the Qur'an and Sunnah
• Writing a will and making this clear
• Best Provisions which will aid one on the Day of Judgement

Date: Saturday 30th October 2010

Time: 9.30am - 5pm

Venue: TBC very soon (In East London Area/Whitechapel)

Tube Lines: District and Hammersmith

Buses: 25, 205

Price: £10 includes Course Materials and Lunch

For more information, contact our team via

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