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Islam And Evolution: Were There Humans Before Adam AS?

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2022 12:04
Event Information
Event Date: 27th February 2022
Event Time: From 08:00pm To 09:00pm
Venue: online
Countdown: Finished.

Islam And Evolution:
Were There Humans Before Adam AS?

Delivered by

Shaykh Shafiur Rahman

Online Event

Brothers and sisters Welcome

πŸ—“ Date:

Sunday 27th February 2022

πŸ•š Time GMT

8:00 pm

To Enrol:

πŸ”­ Course Overview:

I constructed the universe with might, and I am expanding it.

— Quran 51:47

Darul ilm has organised a course where the topic of Evolution will be discussed from an Islamic perspective.
How does Islam view of Evolution.

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Brothers and Sisters welcome

πŸ“ Darul Ilm Birmingham, Bisley Works, Golden Hillock Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 2PY

☎️ Call: 0121 7733576

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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 26th May 2022 03:40
Daniel Haqiqatjou (HA) gave a talk at MIT to explain how Muslims should navigate the challenges posed by the theory of evolution. He presents both a scientific and philosophical critique of the theory of evolution. This is a must listen for anyone in academia.
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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 26th May 2022 10:11
This post has been reported. It could be due to breaking rules or something as simple as bad use of bbcodes which breaks the page format. We will attend to this soon.
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#4 [Permalink] Posted on 26th May 2022 15:09
abuzayd2k wrote:
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I got some time so I decided to check it.

Around the 1 hour mark, he concludes that because of the reasons he provided, Islam and Science does conflict and we shouldn't be upset about that. He then says we need to look past science when there's this so called conflict.

1) Islam does not conflict with true science.
2) There are branches of Islam that doesn't fall under science e.g. Belief in God, revelation, angels, Jannah, Jahannam (Heaven and Hell) etc.
3) The question of Evolution and Islam is like trying to question if Islam and Polytheism coincide and then desperately trying to embed Polytheism into Monotheism. It's literally 2 opposite things as is Evolution and Islam. Not Science and Islam as Evolution is not science.

The reason he is 100% wrong is because he believes his training about evolution is actual science when it's been categorically proven it is not science by definition and does not meet the criteria of science.

Scientific Method (Requirements):
1) Construct a Hypothesis - Done in Evolution
2) Test with an experiment - Not done in Evolution
Evolution has literally failed to be science the second step
3) If test concurs with step 1 and validated through observation, repeat test - Not done in Evolution
4) If retest (repeat) concurs, draw conclusion - Not done in Evolution
5) If test or retest fails, form new hypothesis (i.e. back to step 1) - Not applicable as no experiment was done in the first place in the religious theory of Evolution

Based on this, if this professor can recognise that his training about Evolution is NOT SCIENCE, he'd wouldn't try to compare the two as overlapping or conflicting. His premise is flawed and simply wrong.

I really like some of the comparative arguments he gave to the questions Atheists ask to attack religious beliefs where their own beliefs can be used to make the exact argument. That was noteworthy by this professor. The only problem with his talk that he keeps calling pseudoscience and Atheists religious Evolutionary beliefs "Science"

So I have re-enabled your post and due to your acceptance of Evolution in the past I prematurely attacked your post and misunderstood what you actually typed due. That was very wrong of me so I've reported my own post and re-enabled yours. I apologise for that.
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