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The Days of Forgiveness - Ramadhan

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 26th April 2021 12:39
Event Information
Event Date: 30th April 2021
Event Time: From 03:00pm To 04:00pm
Venue: online
Countdown: Finished.
Darul Ilm Birmingham Presents

The Days of Forgiveness- Ramadhan

Presented By:* Ustadha Afsana Hossain

Language of Delivery: Italian

*Registration Required
Sisters Only*

*Friday 30th April 2021
3pm BST*

Link to Register:

Darul Ilm Birmingham, Bisley Works, Golden Hillock Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 2PY

Course Overview:
Ramadhan brings with it the blessings of a renewed drive to make positive change and improve aspects of our life.
This course aims to provide our esteemed learners with contemporary information regarding the holistically positive potential of Ramadhan.

Course Content:

☆The blessings of Ramadhan
☆ Sawm (fasting)-The Third Pillar of Islam
☆ Physiological Change-Health Transformation
☆ Mental Wellbeing-Psychological & neurological Transformation
☆ Spiritual Change- Spiritual Transformation & Development of Taqwa
☆ Social Change-Impact on social interaction & contribution

Learning Outcomes:
This course aims to develop our esteemed learner's knowledge and understanding of:
• The significance of Ramadhan in Islam
• Fasting as the third Pillar of Islam
• The significance of fasting and its holistic benefits.
• An understanding of what positive changes can be achieved through Ramadhan
•Building a vision for a proactive Ramadhan

In practice
Enable our holistic development as individual Muslims of the ummah.
what do you want to achieve this Ramadhan?
Gain a focus on:
• individual areas of improvement
• evaluation of social contribution
• maximising  opportunities during lockdown
• Realistic Ramadhan Action plan

Call: 0121 7733576
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