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The Tafsir Specialisation Course

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th July 2020 14:46
Event Information
Event Date: 27th July 2020
Event Time: From 02:50pm To 02:40pm
Venue: Online and onsite (Bisley Works, Golden Hillock Ro
Countdown: Event in progress
DIB's Tafsir Specialisation Course is for those Ulama who want to expand on their knowledge of Tafsir and become well-versed in this field. Tafsir will be studied in-depth, along with its principles, different types of tafsir, ways to distinguish correct and incorrect tafasir, abrogated verses and how to compromise seemingly-contradictory aayaat.
We know you will enjoy this course and can't wait to have you join us. More information can be found here on
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