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The Ifta Course

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 24th July 2020 11:33
Event Information
Event Date: 24th July 2020
Event Time: From 12:00pm To 07:00pm
Venue: Online
Countdown: Event in progress
Ifta Course

Darul Ilm Birmingham's Ifta Course is a course designed for graduates of the Alimiyyah programme. It is oriented in such a way that it equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary in order to answer day-to-day issues and dilemmas faced by the Muslim community.

Students will take training in marriage counselling, answering fatwas and other necessary training and workshops.

*A dissertation of 12,000 will be expected at the end of the course

The course for this academic year has started on the 13th June 2020, but it is still possible to join if you are willing to catch up.

For more information about this course, please click on the following link:
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