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Hadith Specialisation Course 2020

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 17th February 2020 12:56
Event Information
Event Date: 17th June 2020
Event Time: From 07:30pm To 09:30pm
Venue: darul ilm, 327 moseley road, birmingham
Countdown: 71 days to event.

Darul Ilm Birmingham presents Hadith Specialisation Course 2020-2021

Duration: 2 years

The Hadith specialisation course is designed for graduates of the Darse Nizami course and will give one a further enhanced insight into the science of hadith methodology. One will reseach into the various categorisations of hadiths. Why some hadiths are accepted whilst others are not. It will give one a fascinating insight into the words and actions of our beloved Prophet (saw) and confidence to deal with any Hadith that is read. 

The following topics and books will be studied:

1. Dirasatul Asaneed – Tayseerul Dirasatil Asaneed Lil Mubtadi’een

2. Al-tadribatu Ala Ma’arifatil Li’alil Hadith – Az ziyatus Sahihah Fil Ahadith Sahihah

3. Mushkilaatul Hadith – Ta’weelu Mukhtalifil Hadith

4. Turuq Takhrijil Hadith – Tayseeru Turuq Takhrij Lil Mubtadi’een

Who is this course for?

Graduates of the alim or alimah course

Online or Onsite

Both options are available 

Timings and Tuition Fees

The timings are Wednesday 7.30-9.30pm

The tuition fees are £250 per semester

The first semester begins after Ramadhan 17th June 2020

How do I apply for this course?

Send us an e-mail at

For further information about the course and to discuss eligibility please do not hesitate to contact us






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