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Darul Ilm Birmingham presents: Special Educational Needs Classes

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 25th September 2019 14:22
Event Information
Event Date: 4th November 2019
Event Time: From 12:00am To 12:00am
Venue: darul ilm, 327 moseley road, birmingham
Countdown: Finished.

Darul Ilm Birmingham presents: Special Educational Needs Classes

Alhumdulillah Darul ilm Birmingham have been providing services to the local community since 2014.
As we are expanding and now have a new building in Moseley, We have decided that we will be embarking on a new journey to provide services for children and adults with special educational needs.

Darul Ilm Birmingham will be working in partnership with Tuyoorul Jannah (Birds of Paradise), the first SEND madrasah.

We are hoping to start this provision in the coming weeks with a tentative date of November 2019. However, we would first like to ascertain the range of needs that we are potentially going to be working with.

Please could the following form be completed to register an interest and to help us facilitate the correct provision:

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