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FQ101 - Book of Tahara (Purification)

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th September 2015 19:03
Event Information
Event Date: 19th September 2015
Event Time: From 05:00am To 05:00am
Countdown: Finished.
An introductory course which aims to give students the opportunity to kick start their Journey of gaining Islamic Knowledge with the Fiqh of Taharah, Wudhu, Tayammum, Mas'ah on Socks & Ghusl and more in light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Text Covered:
Book of Tahara (Purification)

Teacher Text:
Teacher will use the Arabic text of Al Fiqh Al Muyassar

Why Al Fiqh Al Muyassar?
Because this is a Text specifically written for students during their Journey to gaining Islamic Knowledge. We want our students to get used to the language & terminologies since it is likely that this will be the first text they will study after gaining sufficiency in the Arabic language.

Student Text:
Students are not required to but can purchase the English translation of the Text Al Fiqh Al Muyassar


Session Details:
This course will have Four sessions as follows:

Saturday, the 19th of September 2015
Saturday, the 26th of September 2015
Saturday, the 03rd of October 2015
Saturday, the 10th of October 2015

The Course if FREE of cost. visit to register.
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