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Kun Anta (Be Yourself)

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 10th April 2019 06:53
Halalified YouTube Audio

Please visit my channel and like this video, comment, subscribe and spread like fire.

This nasheed has been inspired by "Kun Anta" of Hamood ul Khudhar and it has English Subtitles.

Here is the English translation of urdu nasheed
Artist Name: Omer Sipra


We work hard day and night
And go after worldly things

But forget our hearts
Alas! We forget our hearts

This world is soon to end
While Allah's name is endless

Only remember your Lord
And love him a lot


No, no
We don't need wealth
In order to increase in beauty
Our essence is here, in our hearts it shines

No, no
We will not seek to please others with that
Which we deem to unbefitting for ourselves
That is our beauty, rising and ascending above

Oh wo oh... Oh wo oooh
Oh wo oh... Oh wo oooh
Oh wo oh... Oh wo oooh

Be yourself and you will increase in beauty

No one is worthy of Worship but Allah


Our life has gone so fast paced
Machines have created too much waste

Take some time out...
and get hold of yourself

Stop listening to everyone
And connect your soul with your Lord

And listen to what your heart says
Listen to what your heart says


For how long will you follow others like a zombie?
And will keep on forgetting your true self

Making your enemies happy...
Rebelling against your Lord

Just stick to Allah's book, The Quran
You are only Allah's slave

In it you will find success
In it you will find freedom

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