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Qaqa'aat - Samidun Fi Sadri

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 17th June 2006 12:24
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The clatter of the war is music to his ears
And the echo of the machine gun waters his heart
Steadfast, in his chest a thousand echoes
Of the terrifying sounds of battle

قعقعات الحرب تشجي مسمعه

وصدى الرشاش يروي اضلعه
صامد في صدره الف صدى

لدوي الرعب يو المعمعه

So silent, you think him ill, but
If he speaks how great his light
He loves death even if the people have kneeled
To seek this life in complete comfort

صامت تحسبه عيٌّ فان

قال الفيت السنام اروعه
يعشق الموت اذا القوم انثنوا

يطلبون العيش موفور الدعه

His concern in his chest burns
From the distressing concerns of the Muslims
Glory is reflected in his eyes
So they fill with sadness and his tears flow

همه في صدره ملتهب

من هموم المسلمين المفجعه
يترآآ المجد في مقلته

فيفيض الحزن يذري ادمعه

He came with the soul of a death-defying believer
With him in the fight is the glory of Islam
He fires for a near victory
Or to ransom the religion he meets his death

يابنفسي مؤمن مستبسل

عزة الاسلام في الهيجاء معه
انما يرمي لنصرعاجل

او فداء الدين يلقى مصرعه

A lone pioneer, his wound bleeds
His resolve like Umar's, he rufuses lowliness
His resolve is not shaken by armies
Or a coward who kicks up dust

رعف الجرح وحيدا سابقا

عمري العزم لا يرضى الضعه
ليس يثنيه عن العزم جيوش

او جبان قد اثار الزوبعه

Helping the religion is in his heart
He follows the truth and not the sycophants
He follows the footstepts of a timeless generation
which brought to the world guidance and benefit

نصرة الاسلام في اعماقه

يتبع الاثار ليس الإمعه
يقتفي اثار جيل خالد

ساق للدنيا الهدى والمنفعه

من دماه قد نمت ازهارنا
واغاث الروض حتى اينع
خلد التاريخ من امجاده
اسطرا بالعز دوما مترعه

فإستحال الليل فجراً ساطعا
يرسم النصر خطوطا مبدعه

Lyrics source: Arabic from another forum: Arabic [forum] or otherwise; English from
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 6th April 2007 14:58
Allahu akbar! Allah raise thousands of mujahideen from the muslims ready to deploy and resist the attacks from the kuffar in kashmeer, iraq, afghanistan, sheeshan, filisteen, somalia, and every muslim land under siege.

Allah سبحانه وتعالى make me min as shuhaada'...ameen

muslims will continue to be in the terrible state they are in if they do not return to the true beautiful teachings of deen al haqq and the glory of Jihaad fee sabeelillah

6ala3 yaa ummat ar rasoolallah

qom yaa akhi wa ukhti fii sabeelillah

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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 22nd September 2008 18:25

I love this nasheed! It has a beautiful meaning..

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