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Advice for Parents of Hifz Students

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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 7th March 2016 02:25
I have admitted my son for Hafiz with sincerity of the cause, I met a strange argument from a person on which I seek you guidance.
He said Hafiz is not Farz,

It is craming (Ratta) without understanding,

At the time of Prophet PBUH, it was required? now is it required.

Then he presented some strange argument, do you know in Karbala how many Hafiz was fighting against Hazrat Hussain more than 70 he said
I told him it is first stage of learning and i wish he should learn it tafsir later. I believe his time will be compensated.
I want scholarly answer for need and logic of Hafiz please to answer and not to be distrated from such argument
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#17 [Permalink] Posted on 7th March 2016 09:45
I hope this helps those doing hifz too.

Dua for Hifz by Mufti Abdur Raheem Limbada

I am currently doing my hifz part time and have quite a problem with my revision over the chapters that I already know. Are there any methods or duas that one can recite to help them to make there memory stronger?

There is one method mentioned at the end of the 13 line Quran on the authority of Abdullah ibn Abbas RadhiAllahu anhu regarding Sayyiduna Ali RadhiAllahu anhu, try that out during the four Friday nights in Ramadhan (the night between Thursday and Friday).

The narration is as follows:

Ikrimah, the freed slave of Ibn Abbas (RA), narrated that Ibn Abbas (RA) said: “We were with the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasalam when Ali bin Abi Talib (RA) came to him, and he said: ‘May my father and mother be ransomed for you! This Quran has suddenly left my heart, and I do not find myself capable of it.’

So the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasalam said to him, ‘O Abul-Hasan! Should I not teach you words that Allah shall benefit you with, and benefit whoever you teach, and they will make whatever you have learned in your chest firm?’ He said: ‘Of course, O Messenger of Allah, so teach me.’

He said: ‘When it is the night of (before) Friday, then if you are able to stand up in the last third of the night, then verily, it is a witnessed hour, and supplication is answered in it. And my brother Ya’qub alayhi salam did say to his sons: “I shall seek forgiveness for you from my Lord”. (Quran 12:98) He meant Until the night of Friday comes. If you are not able, then stand in the middle of it, and if you are not able, then stand in the first of it.

And pray four Rak’ah. Recite Fatihatul-Kitab (the Opening of the Book) and Surat Ya-Sin in the first Rak’ah, and Fatihatul-Kitab and Ha- Mim ad-Dukhan in the second Rak’ah, and Fatihatul-Kitab and Alif Lam Mim Tanzil as-Sajdah in the third Rak’ah and Fatihatul-Kitab and Tabarak Al-Ladhi in the fourth Rak’ah.

When you have finished with the Tashahhud, then praise Allah and mention Allah’s greatness in an excellent manner, and send Salat (durood) upon me – and be excellent in it- and upon the rest of the Prophets. And seek forgiveness for the believing men and the believing women, and for your brothers who have preceded you in faith. Then say in the end of that:

Transliteration – translation Allahummarhamni Bitarkil-Ma’asi Abadan Ma Abqaitani, Warhamni An Atakallafa Ma La Ya’nini, Warzuqni Husnan-Nazari Fi Ma Yurdika Anni. Allahumma Badi’as- Samawati Wal-Ardi Dhal-Jalali Wal-Ikrami Wal-Izzatil-lati La Turamu As’aluka YaAllahu Ya Rahmanu Bi-Jalalika Wa Nuri Wajhika An Tulzima Qalbi Hifza Kitabika Kama ‘Allamtani Warzuqni An Atluwahu ‘Alan-Nahwil-ladhi Yurdika ‘Anni.
Allahumma Badi‘as-Samawati Wal-Ardi Dhal-Jalali Wal-Ikrami Wal-Izzati-llati La Turamu As’aluka YaAllahu, Ya Rahmanu Bi-Jalalika Wa Nuri Wajhika An Tunawwira Bi-kitabika Basari, Wa An Tutliqa Bihi Lisani Wa An Tufarrija Bihi ‘An Qalbi Wa An Tashraha Bihi Sadri, Wa An Tasta’mila Bihi Badanii, Fa’innahu La Yu’inuni ‘Alal-Haqqi Ghairuka Wa La Yu’tihi Illa Anta Wa La Hawla Wa la Quwatta Illa Billahil-‘Alil–‘Azim.

Translation: O Allah, have mercy on me by helping me to leave sins forever, as long as you keep me alive. And have mercy on me from taking upon myself what does not concern me, and provide me good sight for what will make You pleased with me. Ya Allah! Originator of the heavens and the earth, Possessor of such glory, generosity, and honour that cannot not be dreamt of. I ask you, Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, by Your glory and the light of Your Countenance, to make my heart constant in remembering Your Book as You taught me, and grant me that I recite it in the manner that will make You pleased with me.

Ya Allah, Originator of the heavens and the earth, Possessor of glory, and generosity, and honour that is not exceeded. I ask you, Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, by Your glory and the light of Your Countenance, to enlighten my sight with Your Book, and make my tongue free with it, and to relieve with it my heart from all problems, and to expand my chest with it, and to wash my body with it. For indeed, none aids me upon the truth other than You, and none give it except You, and there is no might or power except by Allah, the Most High, the Magnificent.

“Oh Abul-Hasan! Do this for 3 nights or 5 or 7, you will be answered – by the will of Allah- by the One Who sent me with the Truth, it has not failed a believer once.”

Abdullah ibn Abbas said: “So by Allah, Ali did not wait but five or seven until Ali came to the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasalam in a gathering similar to that and said: ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, indeed I was a man in the time that passed, who used to not take except for Ayat or about that much, so when I would recite them to myself they would suddenly depart from me, and today I learn forty Ayat or about that much, and when I recite them to myself, then it is as if the Book of Allah is before my eyes. I used to hear a hadith and when I would repeat it, it would suddenly depart from me, and today I hear many Ahaadith, and when I report them, I do not err in a single letter.’ So the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasalam said at that point: ‘A believer, by the Lord of the Ka’ba, O Abul-Hasan.” (Tirmidhi shareef)

Practise upon this amal. I myself do this Amal in RAMADHAN and have found it extremely beneficial. That is why I would advise you to do the same. Insha’Allah your memory will become stronger.
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#18 [Permalink] Posted on 7th March 2016 13:40

Anonymous wrote:
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For the Hafiz:

Sayyidina ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr (RA) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “It will be said to the companion of the Qur’aan: Recite and rise in status, recite as you used to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite.”

The MORE Qur'aan a person knows the HIGHER his (or her) status in Akhirat. Being a Hafiz is the greatest status.

For the Parents:

Sayyidina “Mu’aadh al-Juhani (RA) narrates that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: ‘Whosoever recites the Quran and practices upon its injunctions, the reciter’s parents will be given a crown on the day of Qiyaamat. The brightness of that crown will be more intense than the brightness of the sun in your actual house.’

Due to the Barkat of the HAFIZ, the PARENTS will also be honoured.


For the Jahil making Comments:

He will be saying...

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#19 [Permalink] Posted on 19th July 2017 20:14
Hifz for Young Children - How to Memorize Qur'an at Age 7!

One Mother's Recipe on how she accomplished it with her daughter!
Commentary by Muhammad Alshareef

[Chapter 1]My SMART Result
What was the mother specifically aiming to achieve?

My SMART Result

I was specifically aiming for her to memorize all the Qur'an in about 3 years (as I had heard that people normally finish in 3-5 years). However, she finished in 2.5 alhamdullilah.

I had different targets during this time. In the begining I had no target. Once we got the hang of it (after about 5 juz) we targeted one juz a month (which was a page/day).

By the end, though, my target was to do a juz a week.

1. Notice how even though it was her daughter that was memorizing, SHE adopted the goals as
if it were her own. Awesome.
2. Notice as well that she adjusted her specific results as time went by. She was flexible. When
her daughter got stronger, she adjusted her results to match that strength.

[Chapter 2] My Purpose

Why was this goal of her daughter memorizing the Qur'an at such a young age an absolute must?

My Purpose

1. Why was this an absolute MUST! What this meant to me
2. Life taught me
3. Dream Bigger Dreams


I always wanted all my children to be huffadh, [ROLE MODEL] like Umm Sulaim's
sons, radiAllahu anhum. However, I never thought that I will end up teaching them myself. I was waiting for a madrasah to start in our city for girls, when my husband suggested that I should try doing it at home until something starts for girls. Although, it was a very informal suggestion but it actually turned practical only by the permission of Allah.


I think this is the best gift parents can offer to their children.


To me, true love is not when you want to see your child successful in this dunya only, but to see their ultimate success, which is the success of the akhira. And if they get that then it automatically offers the success of this dunya too, bi idhniAllah.

Often times, as parents, we limit our vision for our kids within the bounds of this dunya alone. We want more and more for our children for this dunya.

From the day they are born, we start setting 'high goals' for them, from having good education, to best job, to big house and a latest model car etc. etc. and it never ends.


Why then we don't have the same standards for the akhira?! Will we ever compromise with just elementary school education for our children? Why then just once-a-week-Sunday school suffice us? Will we ever let them stop with a high school diploma? Why then only 5 daily prayers, fasting in Ramadan, giving zakah and offering one hajj makes us happy?! Why say ' that as long as they enter jannah...'?! Why not, ' I want my children to enter Jannat-ul-Firdous and not just jannah, I want my child to be standing among the Sahaba, in the company of the Prophet sallahualaihi wasalam on the Day of Judgement (inshaAllah) and not just with regular Muslims'. Why do we have limited goals for our children for their akhira and unlimited for the dunya!


And that is perhaps why memorizing Qur'an was a baby step towards making her learn the deen of Allah.


If we are given an empty shelf to decorate, we will start by putting the more expensive and valuable materials in the front and then if we have space left we will put the extra things, and to me this is exactly how the children are. They are given to us with empty minds and it is our, parents, responsibility to fill our children's brain with something valuable first.


Among the heroes of Islam, 3 men were always very inspiring to me: Imam Ahmad, Ibn Taymiyyah and Sh. Bin Baz (rahimuhullah). And Imam Ahmad was a prime example of not only a hufidh in young age but even his mother's role was such a big inspiration.


Why was I so bent on her finishing at a young age.because this is just how I am. When I start something believing in it, I just can't stop in the middle. And I must admit that when I started with my daugher it was like throwing an arrow in the dark. I only got more encouraged we went along. I started with her when she was 5. She was in 1st grade homeschool. I figured that even if it takes her 3 years to memorize and she misses out on homeschooling, she will still not be behind in her secular studies.


And the more my daughter kept memorizing the more I realized that:

* Small children are easy to please. Small rewards mean a lot to them and they are satisfied with little. Whereas older children have 'bigger' demands.

* Younger children's world revolves around their parents. Honestly, sometimes
even just offering to give her 10 kisses will motivate her to finish her lesson! I don't think this would have worked with an older child!

* Small children (especially those who have not been to school) don't know what they miss out by staying home. Older children (especially teenagers) know the 'fun' of outside world and it is tougher for them to sacrifice.

* Small children are easy to discipline, intimidate and control.

* I believed that whatever a child memorizes in an early age is not easily
forgettable. And besides, if she finishes in an early age, she will have a LOT of time to review and the more she reviews the stronger it will stay in her memory,


Besides, I had a bigger goal in my mind (may Allah az Zawjal accepts it and make her successful). As I said, memorization of Qur'an was just the first step. I wanted her to do memorize Bukhari and Muslim as well. I thought it will take a lot of time and our lives are short, so the sooner the better.

Although, now she is memorizing Bulugh-ul-Maram and Riyadh-us-Saliheen (sh.
Yasir suggested these books instead of Bukhari & Muslim). She alternates between two books, one baab from each.


She also had the opportunity to travel to Egypt last year and stayed there for the summer. She attended Cairo Institute. Now she is continuing with the same institute through the internet & webcam. She has the same teacher as she had in Egypt and it is walhamdullialh working out great. She can speak fushah Arabic now. They have a total of 12 levels of the course, she just finished her 7th level. Now inshaAllah she will be doing 'balagha' which her teacher said is the most difficult and goes into the Qur'anic style Arabic. I recommend this institute to all the parents!

[Chapter 3] My Massive Action Plan
What were the top 10 things she did to reach the end zone?

My Massive Action Plan
1. The top 12 massive actions I took
2. The 80/20 rule: The 2 most important actions
3. Final Advice

1. [NO.1 MAKE DUA!]

Make du'a: and by Allah, if it wasn't for His Mercy, this would have never happened. The days I would forget to make du'a, that day would be terrible.

It is a weapon of every believer and a 'special' weapon of every mother! So as much as she uses it, it will only help her and her child.


Motivation (hers and mine): Constantly reminding her why she was doing it, reading her the meaning of her lesson, talking much about Jannah and jahannum. As My daughter says that had she not knew the reward, she would have never done it. (And yes, the parents need to realize that the children, even as small as 5, can have a good concept of Jannah and hellfire).


Positive reinforcement: Set up a reward system. She had a daily reward, weekly reward and 'juz' reward. Daily reward was necessary because small children can't focus for too long. So to make her wait for the whole week was not working out.

We strictly followed the madni mushaf and went by lines. For every line she memorized, she would get 10c and this was to encourage her to take more new
lesson. (when she started taking a lot, I started rewarding by page!! )

Weekly reward: if she won't take any days off and finish her lesson throughout the week, she will get to go somewhere 'fun' on the weekend. Sometimes, that 'fun' place was simply going to a relative's house (as I said, 'smaller children are easier to please').

And for every juz she memorized, she will get a party where all her friends will
come over, play games, eat and she would get gifts.


Waking up after fajr. I didn't realize the barakah in time until I actually started
waking my daughter up early to do her lesson. If we hadn't done this, she might
have still be memorizing.


Fear factor: I still don't know if this is the right thing to do or not. I could've been more patient. But I don't know if there was only love and reward and no
'intimidation' then how successfully we would have achieved this task.

If she wouldn't finish her lesson, she wouldn't get to play outside or ride her bike etc. She was punished but I would always talk to her later about the importance of finishing what she was supposed to do each day. And I tried not link the punishment to the Qur'an rather to her discipline and misbehaving.

Also, being strict helps because otherwise when a mother is also a teacher, children like to beg and nag for smaller lesson or days off and act 'spoiled'.


Encouragement: Everything that was done for her during these 2.5 years, was associated to her memorizing Qur'an. Even if I cooked something that she liked
was because 'she was memorizing Qur'an'. Reminding her throughout the day that she was special because she was doing something special and not everyone gets to do it. (But at the same time, kept reminding her that she was doing this to please Allah alone)


More rewards: these were the 'special' rewards from her father and she did take
them very seriously. These were set after every 5 juz.

When she had last 15 juz left, we motivated her with a 'big party' not only with her friends but this time she would even get to invite their parents and she got VERY excited! SubhanAllah she was really looking forward to it and finished 15 juz in 3 months!


Discipline: A schedule was set up. We wouldn't go any where during the day time (usually until 5pm), no phone calls, no social activities except for the halqah, doctor's appointments etc.


I don't know what to call this. Regardless of all the encouragement, rewards AND intimidation, some days (or should I say many days) I would have to simply 'force' her to memorize and review. This is where the 'fear factor' comes in handy. I would just tell her that inshaAllah one day she will appreciate what she was doing. And perhaps this is where I had to be more disciplined and strong and didn't give in.


Good communication: This was not only good for my daughter but even for me.
Whenever, I was not able to be patient with her, talking to her about it later on only relieved my guilt feelings. This may not seem so important but I believe that it makes a big difference.


I never discouraged questions or complaints from her so I knew exactly what would be going through her mind, and I would talk to her about it. Like why she was unable to play like neighbor's children outside, or why she couldn't go to school, or why she was the only one memorizing etc.


Especially the year before she finished, I had gotten very busy with my own studies and dawah events and ended up wasting a lot of her time. Then right after the conference finished, I felt so guilty and promised myself to make it up to her. So I dropped everything that I was involved in and completely concentrated on my daughter. I had a long conversation with her and I explained to her that we had wasted a lot of time and she was able to do much more then what she was doing, so why not increase our lesson but It will require some sacrifice from her and I explained to her that she may not be able to play as much as she used to, or go out as much or spend her weekends at grandma's etc.

I think when adults communicate with the children and explain to them why they are doing certain things, the children feel the 'responsibility' of doing what the adults are asking them to do.

And I do believe that the communication with her helped a lot because she knew exactly why she had to be on a very rigorous schedule of 8am to 8pm (in
the last few months) And subhanAllah she did move from on page/day to 2/day to 3/day to 4/day and finally 9/day)


The top two actions will be: making du'a and starting lesson after fajr.


There is just one thing that I must mention though. All my experience is with a girl. Now that my son is memorizing, I feel like boys are very different from girls-good and bad.


And although you didn't ask for this but there is just one thing I want to say:

During all this time of memorization (and of course even after this) parents must watch out their own actions too because this is not only an achievement
for the child but it is a blessing and Rahma of Allah to be a parent of someone who has memorized the Qur'an and this blessing is not given to everyone. A wrong action on parent's part may affect the child too. We must improve our actions and we must keep our intentions pure so our children can turn out even better, inshaAllah.

P.S. One more thing. I don't have a TV at home but once in a while I do let my children watch something on computer DVD.

But whenever My daughter would watch something, the next she would have a hard time doing her lesson and I would regret why I let her watch the cartoon! So minimize the TV in their lives when they are memorizing Qur'an (and even afterwards!)

Copyright © 2006 belongs to Ummat Muhammad. Spread the love of the Quran by distributing this as far and as wide as you can.
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#20 [Permalink] Posted on 17th November 2017 10:51
My son is 10 years old studying in an English medium school in standard 5.Alhamdulillah he has completed the hifz of Amma Parah with the help of a teacher.I am keen to make him a hafiz and qari as well if Allah wills.Does he require to complete his hifz before starting qari lessons ?

Please advice me on this.
Shaila Farmer
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#21 [Permalink] Posted on 17th November 2017 18:41
shaila wrote:
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its usual practice to become hafiz first especially when you are younger like your son because their brain has better memory retention ability. he can become qari later because at later age he will have matured and understand the rules of qiraat properly
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#22 [Permalink] Posted on 1st October 2021 10:41
Loading tweet
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#23 [Permalink] Posted on 12th September 2022 11:15
Tarteel: Quran A.I.



Tarteel is the world’s first AI-powered Quran app and just what you need to further your Quran journey. You’re one tap away from engaging with the words of Allah like never before, and all you need is your voice. Tap the microphone, recite, and watch the verses appear in front of you.

Using intuitive artificial intelligence, Tarteel unlocks the Quran and creates a tailored experience for its user, interacting with your recitation and keeping track of your activity to accommodate your working patterns and goals. Think of it as your very own assistant, ready to listen and connect you with the Quran anytime, anywhere. Tarteel exists to help every user make a deep connection with the Quran and maintain it. Improve your recitation, boost your confidence and build habits that last a lifetime.

Tarteel is free to use with no ads and prioritizes user privacy. The team is led by Islamic values and a passion for using innovative tech to serve the Muslim Ummah.


Advance your Quran memorization with a paid subscription to Tarteel Premium. Features include:

- Memorization Mistake Detection

Start reciting and you’ll be notified whenever you miss a word, use the wrong word or say one word too many! Tarteel will highlight your mistakes and keep track so you can revise and review for next time. Currently, this feature does not include Tajweed or pronunciation correction, but we are working towards incorporating them into Tarteel in due course.

- Advanced Memorization Mode

Hide the script and recite; Tarteel will highlight verses and follow along with your recitation so you can check your memorization as you go. You’re one step closer to perfecting that verse!

- Audio Playback

Listen to your own recitation and pinpoint where you need to improve.

- Challenges

Create goals related to your engagement with the Quran and start building lifelong habits.

- Advanced Progress Tracking

Check if you’re reaching your goals with detailed analytics around your Quran engagement.

Tarteel requires microphone access and a stable internet connection in order for its voice features to function properly. Please ensure you allow Tarteel to access these permissions on your device.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:
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