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The Most Good Deeds in a Short Time

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 9th April 2020 05:52
With COVID-19, suddenly death has come close to us. So I thought what is the best way to get the most ajr in the briefest time??

I remember someone said salawat an-nabi is the best way - but you only get 10 ajr for 1 salawat. Yes you get other things too - raised rank, forgiven 10 sins, needs fulfilled, etc.

But then I thought a little deeper and remembered the hadith of going to the marketplace and how you get 1,000,000 rewards. I checked the hadith and it says "alf-alf mar'a" and this translates to 1,000,000 usually. But this hadith, no doubt, gives a reward but maybe it doesn't give precisely 1,000,000 hasanat because many ahadith speak to hasanat and use 70,000 to not literally mean 70,000 but just a huge reward in the Arabic language and culture.

So how do you literally get 1,000,000 hasanat in the Bank of the Akhira?

Than I remembered the hadith that you get 10 good deeds for each letter of the Qur'an you recite. We know how many chapters, juz, verses of Qur'an there are...but how many letters?

320,015 letters according to Ibn Kathir.
320,015 x 10 = 3,200,150 hasanat you can earn with a khatm of the Qur'an.

Or if you recite roughly 1/3rd of the Qur'an a day - 9.5 - 10 juz a day = 1,000,000 hasanat roughly per day. Coincidentally, Imam Ghazali recommends reading 10 juz of Qur'an a day for the salik. I think its tough to do but now in lockdown probably pretty easy.

Imagine becoming a millionaire day after day, each day of your life.

And if you did this every day of the year thats 365 million good deeds a year...that is 3,650,000,000 or 3.6 billion good deeds in 10 years.

I just wanted to share my amateur hasanat economics. I imagine this is old news to most of you. :)
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