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Fighting in Afghanistan rages on Eid!

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 23rd October 2006 08:14

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Taliban supreme leader Mulla Mohammad Omar said on Saturday that his fighters will step up attacks on foreign forces in the coming months which will surprise many. "With the grace of Allah the fighting would be increased manifold and it would be much organized. Our previous predictions about attacks were not incorrect," Mulla Omar said in his "Eid" message. "I am confident that the fighting would be a surprise for many. I advise the Mujahideen to maintain unity in their ranks as rift in their ranks had affected jihad against the former Soviets," he said in a two-and-half page Pashto language message, issued by Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan and received through email here. "Afghans must take care of unity in Jihad. I would again ask Mujahideen to intensify their attacks but they should avoid any harm to innocent people and children. They should not commit any act which is contrary to Shariah," the Taliban leader said. Mullah Omar said the Afghan people are continuously celebrating 'Eid-ul-Fitr' for the successive fifth year under the subjugation and occupation of foreign powers. "I want to congratulate you on Eid, about the defeat of aggressors, who are now on the run," he said. He said that the 'puppet' Karzai and his associates are searching for exit, but Taliban will never give them exit and the imposed rulers will be brought to Islamic justice. "Our enemy has faced defeat despite his misleading programmes and their move about so-called democracy has also failed. The aggressors released fake films to malign and weaken us. They spent millions of dollars on media campaign but our Muslim nation is aware of it. The enemy propaganda has achieved nothing and the nation is behind us". Mullah Omar said that the puppet regime in Kabul has failed to establish peace and stability as well as to control narcotics. "The regime has also not succeeded in maintaining unity. The government cannot maintain peace as Hamid Karzai has recruited thieves and looters in his armed militias." "The puppet regime has failed to control narcotics because most of Karzai government members are drug smugglers. The country's unity is in danger because the rulers are themselves trying to divide the country," he said. He added that the Kabul administration is composed of elements that are trying to convince the people for division of the country. "Alien culture and faiths are being imposed on Kabul. Those who are ruling Afghans, in fact, are aliens as they have returned to Afghanistan with foreign culture and ideas and they feel ashamed to adopt their own culture". He said the Soviets had the backing of Warsaw Bloc members as the Americans today have the support of NATO members. "But I am confident as the former Soviets despite backing of Warsaw faced disintegration. The Americans would face the same fate despite the NATO support". Mullah Omar said that today all the NATO members are loosing their soldiers only for America adding they must think of their own interest and should quit Afghanistan. "If someone looks towards the United Nations decisions then I would say that the UN during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan had not taken any bold decision. Now the same organization endorses every decision of the Americans and it has no capability". He said the UN has failed to stop American military action in any part of the world. "If we look into the UN since its birth, it has not taken any positive decision to resolve Islamic problems". The UN has not played any positive role so far about Palestine, Iraq and Kashmir and even if it has taken any decision, it has not been implemented, he added. He said that those Muslim rulers who are following America in humiliating and weakening of Muslims, they must be aware that America will not save them from the rage of the Muslims. "Muslims would lay heavy hands on them. They must stop betrayal of Muslim Ummah". He said that Mullah Omar said they should not be misled by the enemy propaganda and that enemy is in a state of confusion. "The enemy is trying to hide its disappointment. That's why they are leveling allegations against the Mujahideen". He dismissed the notion that Pakistan is supporting Taliban. "America used Pakistani airfields for attack on Afghanistan. Missiles were fired from Pakistani territory. Pakistani government handed over thousands of Mujahideen to America and even now all Pakistan's transport routes and airfields are facilitating American war". "In my opinion those, who have a mind, would not accept the notion of Pakistan support for Taliban. I believe that Karzai and his foreign friends are aware that Taliban don't have any foreign support and that they have launched propaganda to create mistrust among Afghans who are resisting the aggressors".


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