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The Description of the Holy Prophet and the Companions

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 8th December 2006 12:22
The Description of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Salam) and the Companions in the Books (Revealed) Before the Quran

Hazrath Ata bin Yasar (Radiallahu 'Anhu) said that he met 'Abd-ullahbin 'Amr bin al'As (Radliallahu 'Anhuma) and requested him, "Tell methe qualities of the Messenger of Allah (sallalliihu 'alaihiwa Sallam)described in the Taurah."He Said, "Well. By Allah! He was mentioned inthe Taurah with the same attributes as has been mentioned in the HolyQur'an: O Prophet! Surely, We have sent thee as a Witness and a Bearerof Glad Tidings, a Warner, and' a protector for the unlettered people.Thou art my servant ('Abd) and my Messenger. I have named thee'al-Mutawakkil' (i.e. the one
who has full trust in Allah). He is neither harsh, nor rough (intreatment), and nor clamours in the markets. He does not retaliate forthe evil with evil rather he pardons and forgives. He will not dieuntil he set aright the crooked way (religion) and people declare(their faith in) )La ilaha illallah' (none is worthy of worship besidesAllah) due to which the closed eyes are opened, the deaf ears,start tolisten, and the unattentive hearts (which are covered with'a thickveil) become attentive."1

1. Transmitted byImam Ahmad. The same narration (Hdith)has also been transmitted byBukhari on the authority of 'Abdullah; and by Baihaqi on the authorityof Ibn Salam. In another narration (Hadith),it has been narrated: "Thecrooked ways (religions) will be set aright by him (i. e. the HolyProphet)." This has been transmitted by Ibn Ishaque on the authority ofK'ab al-Ahbar and by Baihaqi on the authority of Hadtrath 'Aisha(Rad)
Hayatus Sahaaba

Wahab bin Munabbih narrated, "Allah revealed to Prophet Dawud (as)(David) in Zabur : 'O Dawud! certainly a prophet will come soon afteryou, whose name will be Ahmad and Muhammad. He 'He will be truthful,and will be the leader. I will never be annoyed with him; nor will hemake Me annoyed. I have forgiven in advance all of his slippings(committed) in the past and (also) those to come. Mercy has had uponhis Ummah (people). I have bestowed upon his Ummah the same reward foroffering tbe optional worship (Nawafil)which was given to the Prophets(for their optional worship); and have made such worships obligatory(Fara'id) for them which were made obligatory for the Prophets and theMessengers.They (i.e. the people of the Holy Prophet) will come to meon the Day of Judgment in such a condition that their lights will besimilar to the lights of the Prophets'. Allah continued to reveal: 'ODawud! I have excelled Muhammad and his Ummah (People) to all theUmmahs (peoples)'.

Al Bidayah,Vol11 p.326

Sa'id bin AbI Hilal quoted Hadhrat 'Abdullah bin 'Amr(Radiallu'Anhu) who requested Hadrat Ka'b (RadliaIahu 'Anhu) to tellhim the qualities of Hadrat Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wassalam) andhis Ummah". Hadrat Ka'b (Radiallahu'Anhu) said, "I find them with thesequalities in the Book of Allah: 'Surely Ahmad and his Ummah (people)praise Allah in all circumstances-whether good or bad; they ackowlegeAllah's Greatness on every height (i.e.whenever they climb a mountainor high place they say Takbir-AllahuAkbar-(Allah is the Greatest); andthey glorify Allah on every resting place. Their call (i.e. the Adhaan)resounds through the heavens; and their hymns (and supplications) echolike the bees humming over a stone. They stand in the salat (obligatoryprayers)In the rows similar to the rows of the angels; and stand in thebattle (for Allah) in rows similar to the rows in the salat. When theyfight In the way of Allah (Jihad), angels, with sharp spears, stand infront of them and behind them. When they stand in rows in fight forAllah's sake, Allah shadows over them." Then he pointed out with hishand and said: like the vultures shadow over their nests. They do nottake to their heels in the Battle". This narration has been'reported byanother Hadith (based upon a different Sanad-chain narrators), narratedby Hadrat Ka'b (Radiallahu 'Anhu), with the following addition: "ThePeople (i.e. Ummah) of the Holy Prophet praise (Allah) in allconditions; acknowledge Allah's Greatness on every height; and takecare of the Sun's movements so that they may offer their five salats intime although they may do so on the rubbish (i.e. offer salat onworthless material). They cover the middle part of their body (i.e.from the navel till the knees)with the loin-cloth (similar to thekilt); and they perform Ablution (i.e. Wudu) in such a way as to washthe parts (cleaned in the
Ablution or Wudu) from all sides"3.

3. Abu Na'im, "Al hilliyoh", Vol. V, p.386; also narrated in a long Hadith
based upon a different Sanad (i.e. chain of narrators).

Hayatus Sahaaba

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