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All For A Palm Tree In Heaven!!!!!!!

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 13th April 2006 07:39


There was once an orphan who had a very small orchard next to a very rich man’s orchard. He wanted to build a fence to separate the two orchards. But there was a single palm tree that was in the way of making the fence. So he asked his neighbor to give him the palm tree to build a straight fence. His neighbor refused no matter how much he begged. So he went to the prophet pbuh to help resolve his problem. The prophet called his neighbor forth and asked him to give the orphan the tree. But he refused 3 times. Then the prophet told him if you give it to him, Allah will grant u a tree in heaven. He still refused. So Abu Al Dahdah heard what the prophet pbuh had said. He asked the prophet, “If I buy this tree from the man and give it to the orphan will I get a tree in heaven?”..

the prophet pbuh said “yes.” Abu Al Dahdah thought hard what could I give this man to motivate him to sell me this single palm tree. He thought to himself that he owns the largest orchard in Madina with the sweetest fruit. Not a single person in Madina would not wish he had owned it. He told the man I would give u my orchard of 600-palm trees, a well, and house for your tree. The man agreed in a heartbeat knowing this was an orchard only one would dream of owning. He then looked at the orphan and told him the tree was his so he could build his fence. The prophet pbuh kept repeating how much blessing and wonderful fruit Abu Al Dahdah had in the heavens above. Abu Al Dahdah went to call his wife and children. He told his wife that he sold the orchard to Allah. So she told her husband this is the greatest bargain you have ever made. She gathered her children, checking their pockets for any fruit they may have taken, so she could return it. She even took a date from her child’s hand and put it back. They left their lavish home, their orchard, their well, and lived a life of poverty all for a palm tree in heaven.


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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 9th May 2006 22:36

masha'allah, this is so inspiring.

what great unlimited hearts these people had. even the wife did not hesitate to show support to her husband and to show her gratefulness to the Almighty.

may the One & Only Lord bestow this quality in our hearts.


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